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Inaugural Professorial Lecture – Professor Tobias Langlotz

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Inaugural professorial lecture

The Augmented Human

About Tobias's research

Tobias' research interest is in Human-Computer Interaction and Augmented Reality. He is actively involved in the evolution of Augmented Reality from a niche technology in research labs to being considered the next step in computing interfaces.

His current work explores how Augmented Reality can be used in Computational Glasses, glasses that use computer-controlled optics, for compensating visual impairments or enhancing vision. He is currently also researching technologies and interactions for the continuous use of Augmented Reality interfaces, asking how we will interact with computers if they come in the form factor of traditional glasses.

Tobias has been a named inventor on key patents for Augmented Reality and his work has been commercialised through companies such as Nokia and Qualcomm. He repeatedly provided leadership to the community such as being the co-organiser of the world's largest conference for Virtual- and Augmented Reality, IEEE VR.


This event will be livestreamed, from 5:25pm on Tuesday, 12 March 2024 at the following web address:

Professor Tobias Langlotz's IPL video stream

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