Leading with emotional intellegence. Business for Good series with Jocelyn O'Donnell

Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, Staff
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Jocelyn O'Donnell is the HW Richardson Group (HWR) director and Transport World executive director.

Joc's foray into the business world was an unexpected one. Trained as a beauty therapist and mother to three children under the age of eight, Joc was thrust into a governance role within the HWR Group following the sudden death of her father, Transport Entrepreneur Bill Richardson.

Responsible for 700 employees and 46 companies under the HWR umbrella, it was a steep learning curve. From stepping into her father's shoes overseeing one of the country's largest privately-owned companies, to spearheading the development of Invercargill's first commissionable tourism products; Joc draws on her experiences both inside and outside the business world to share some of her most valuable learnings.

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