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Understanding the biodiversity of the distant past: Foulden and Hindon Maars highlight terrestrial ecosystems in Miocene Zealandia

A seminar presented by Honorary Assoc Prof Daphne Lee, Geology Department.

The Foulden and Hindon Maar Konservat-Lagerstatte deposits record Miocene ecosystems that are very different from any in Otago (or New Zealand) today. At these sites, peculiar conditions have allowed exceptional preservation of a diverse range of plant and arthropod fossils from lake and rainforest ecosystems.

The Lauraceae-dominated rainforest that surrounded Foulden Maar has yielded fossils of more 40 plant families and 9 orders and 21 families of insects. The ~15 million year old Hindon Maar complex contains a Nothofagaceae-dominated rainforest as well as over 200 different insects.

Both sites provide unique insights into past environments and detailed records of ecological diversity. Both confirm the antiquity of major components of our current biodiversity and later extinctions of subtropical elements.

Date Wednesday, 6 May 2020
Time 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Audience All University
Event Category Sciences
Event Type Departmental Seminar
DepartmentBotany, Geology
LocationBetts Workroom, Botany Annex, 42 Union St West.

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