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Information for Content Providers

Lecture theatre

If you have audio or video material that you'd like to include in iTunes U, or have upcoming events that should be included, please discuss your requirements with Marketing Services. In some cases, we may set up a specific section in iTunes U for you; in others, your event may be included in one of the existing sections. For the most part, events "belonging" to a specific teaching Division will be co-ordinated through the appropriate Divisional Office. Please discuss your requirements with us first so that we can find an appropriate home for your material, and arrange filming (if required).

Frequently Asked Questions

If my audio/video is in iTunes U, where are the files stored?

All files in Otago's iTunes U site are stored on the University of Otago podcasting server on campus. iTunes U indexes files, but they are stored locally.

Who will be able to access the material in iTunes U?

Everybody. The iTunes U "Public" site is accessible to anyone in the world with access to the iTunes Music Store.

What if I want to have my lectures in iTunes U, but only allow my students to see them?

This will be addressed in the next phase of the iTunes U project. We hope to have restricted-access areas available in Semester 1, 2009.

What happens when someone downloads one of my audio/video files? Can they keep them or are they "streamed"?

Podcasting, unlike streaming, allows the entire file to be downloaded and saved. After that, it can be played on a computer, transferred to a digital media player, or burnt onto a CD.

How will the person downloading the file know it's from Otago? What about our intellectual property?

All video files on the Otago iTunes U site will have a University of Otago intro and outro, and an "Otago" watermark that stays on screen for the duration of the video. All audio files – except for those that are purely "musical" - will have a University of Otago intro inserted at the beginning. ALL files will have meta-data embedded into the file with information about the title, author, date, and some keywords (to allow searching).

Can I upload material myself?

No. All material included in iTunes U will be uploaded to the OU Podcasting server by ITS or Web Office staff. This is to ensure that material has official Otago branding and has appropriate meta-data.

Can material that I've filmed myself be included?

In some cases, yes, but it must meet minimum quality standards, and must not include copyrighted material that you do not have clearance to use. All material must be branded by the Audio-Visual Support and Development Unit and uploaded by ITS or Web Office staff.

Can I include some material that I had filmed in the past?

In most cases, yes. As long as the material is of high enough quality and exists in a relatively uncompressed format (for example, DVD quality) then it is possible to add branding and include it in iTunes U.

What if I don't have iTunes?

If you don't have iTunes, you can install it from If you are unable to install iTunes (due to administrative restrictions on your computer, or an operating system that can't run iTunes) then you can still view our podcasts elsewhere on this website.