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Monthly information technology seminars hosted by Information Technology Services (ITS), University of Otago.

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Lectopia Demonstration Capturing your lectures to support and enhance student learning

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The aim of lecture capture in higher education is to make the lecture method as flexible and accessible as possible for an increasingly diverse student population. Lecture capture technologies are pedagogically-driven tools specifically designed to support and enhance student learning from lectures, while also facilitating flexibility in the ability of students to access their learning materials. By giving students easy and convenient access to the learning materials presented in lectures, these technologies offer students the opportunity to seek clarification on lecture material and undertake revision, manage timetable difficulties, balance work or family commitments with study demands, and access critical course materials from remote and regional areas. In enabling students to have on-demand flexible access to their learning materials, lecture capture is becoming recognised internationally as a leading technology-assisted student-centred learning practice. Lectopia is a leading lecture capture technology, currently being used extensively in 50% of Australian universities and in New Zealand at the University of Auckland. Originally developed at the University of Western Australia in 1998, Lectopia offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for large-scale lecture capture implementation, and possesses a high-level of reliability and flexibility. This seminar will provide an overview of how Lectopia is being used at universities in Australasia to support student learning and enhance the student experience, as well as a brief summary of the technology itself. Who: Jocasta Williams, Lectopia, When: 1pm, 14 May 2008, Where: Unicol Seminar Room.

Demystifying distance learning, collaboration, and online conferencing

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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Are you involved in delivering a distance taught course or considering developing one? If so, this session is for you: find out how two University of Otago departments are using the internet, DVD-ROMs and online conferencing to deliver effective distance learning programs, and foster collaborative partnerships with overseas partner institutions. Topics covered include: * planning and course development * selecting appropriate technologies * delivering your course * collaboration - managing email, forums and synchronous communication through chat, IM and audio conferencing. The profiled case studies are using systems developed by OceanBrowser Ltd, a Dunedin elearning company, using an approach which is particularly suited for courses with complex course content requirements, or where internet access is poor or offline access is required. The principles discussed however are equally applicable to courses using mainstream systems such as Blackboard. The session will include demonstrations of the courses and software discussed, including a live demonstration of web-based audio conferencing, which combines traditional phone conferencing with internet phones. This approach allows teachers to manage an audio conference entirely from a web browser. This Seminar will be of interest to teaching staff, and anyone involved in supporting the delivery of distance courses. Who: Rodney Tamblyn, OceanBrowser Ltd When: 1pm, Thursday 4 October, Where: St. David Seminar Room 2.

Health Sciences Framework - Part 2: Technical Demonstration

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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Part two of the "Health Sciences Framework - The Smart Way of being lazy" seminar. This is a technical demonstration. Who: Jesse Meek, Website and Database Developer, Health Sciences, When: 1pm Thursday 13 September, Where: Committee Room 1, Information Services Building.

Health Sciences Framework - the Smart Way of Being Lazy

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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Following on from the last IT Seminar on Identity and Access Management, this seminar show cases the Health Sciences solution to identity, access and work flow management: nicknamed 'The Framework'. The Framework provides solutions to several points of debate arising from the last seminar, such as 'multiple identity vs. multiple role' and 'flexible business logic versus large scale management'. The Framework offers an alternative to the 'local problem ==> proprietary solution' dynamic and all its hidden pit falls. In its place, the Framework supports rapid development of local solutions for local problems. In so doing, though, the framework looses no opportunity to take advantage of and leverage off already developed solutions. Such solutions may exist within the Framework's central code library (utilised by the divisional community of developers), a proprietary technology, another university, a web service and so on. On the technical side, while the framework's own language is PHP, those solutions developed within the framework are available for use by any language on any server. In addition, any application within the framework can be run on all major databases, without recoding the application. Such features are indicative of the Framework's flexible architecture. The framework's Content Management System and Access Control List will be demonstrated from the point of view of a departmental staff member and a departmental webmaster. While there will be some references to the technical underpinnings of the development the Seminar will focus on the concepts behind the Framework, and will be suitable for both general and technical audiences. Who: Jesse Meek, Website and Database Developer, Health Sciences. When: 1pm Thursday 6 September. Where: Seminar Room, University College.

Novell Update

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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Held on: June 2007. Every year Novell run a conference called "Brainshare". It is the premier conference for all things related to Novell. This year two staff members from ITS Technical Services, Mark Goatley and Kris Evans, attended the conference in Salt Lake City. They will be giving an overview of the conference and the new developments with Novell products, including ZENworks, Netware, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Desktop. Ross McKenzie and Mark Grooby from Novell will be giving an overview of recent developments in Novell, and a look forward to the future. They will also discuss the recent deal between Novell and Microsoft. Who: * ITS, Technical Services: Mark Goatley and Kris Evans. * Ross McKenzie and Mark Grooby, Novell. When: Thursday 7 June,1:00pm. Where: Moot Court, 10th Floor, Richardson Building (Note change of venue).

1000 Minds

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Thursday, 5 July 2007

1000Minds (see is Internet-based software to help people make decisions involving prioritising, ranking or choosing from amongst competing individuals or alternatives. The software has its roots in research started in the mid 1990s at the University of Otago into methods for prioritising patients for elective surgery. 1000Minds is now a patented solution to the universal problem in many applications of how to produce an overall ranking of alternatives. The winner of national and international awards, including a ‘TUANZ Healthcare Innovation Award 2005’ and a ‘Consensus Software Award 2007’, 1000Minds recently featured in Computerworld magazine. The seminar will include a demonstration of the software and a brief explanation of its main algorithms. Who: Paul Hansen, Economics. When: 1pm Thursday 5 July. Where: Seminar Room, University College.

Introducing KAREN

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Thursday, 5 April 2007

This year the University of Otago has joined the new New Zealand research and education network, KAREN (Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network). Come along and learn about the background to this development and the reach and advanced capabilities of the network. How you use the network will be explained, and the Government's 'Advanced Network Capability Building' initiative will be introduced. There will be a section on the Access Grid (a high quality video conferencing and collaboration service), one of the first advanced services carried on KAREN. The seminar will finish with an introduction to the eResearch initiatives underway at the University. This seminar will be of interest to all university staff and senior students. All are welcome. Who: * Neil James, IT Strategy Consultant. * Stephen Duncan, Senior Network Engineer, ITS Networking. * Fraser Foster, Technical Support Co-ordinator, ITS Teaching Facilities * Jo-Anne Skinner, Director, Research Division. When: Thursday 5 April, 1:00pm.

Students Helping Students

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Thursday, 7 December 2006

The ITS Computer Resource Room Tutor-Supervisors are an integral part of Otago University's "Just In Time" IT training for the University's students, and they consistently gain high satisfaction ratings in the University's Student Opinion Surveys. Come and hear more about them, why they are so important and how you can make best use of this service. This will be of particular interest to lecturers, librarians and IT Support staff. Presenters: * Traci Voss, Teaching Facilities, ITS * Steve Dunn, Teaching Facilities, ITS. When: 1pm, Thursday 7th December. Where:Seminar Room, University College.

New from Microsoft

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Thursday, 5 October 2006

Each year Microsoft run an event in New Zealand called Tech·Ed. It is billed as Microsoft New Zealand's most comprehensive technical training and educational event. Staff from ITS Technical Services will give a brief outline and answer questions on the newest developments from Microsoft seen at the 2006 Tech·Ed in August. Specifically there will be an introduction to the new operating system Windows Vista and Office 2007. Mike Taylor from Microsoft will demonstrate the new Vista operating system and preview the features of Microsoft Office 2007. Staff in ITS have commenced working collaboratively with Microsoft on deployment of Vista to the student managed desktop and testing has started on looking at how applications will run in Vista. Presenters: * Kris Evans and Damian Beresford, ITS Technical Services. * Mike Taylor, Microsoft. Thursday 5th October at 1:00pm. Seminar Room, University College.

The Apple World

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Thursday, 7 September 2006

In the world of computers Apple Macintosh products have been alternately viewed as toys, as the Rolls Royce of computers, as innovative; as incompatible and irrelevant. Apple's fortunes have gone up and down. The run-away success of products like the iPod and iTunes has kept Apple alive in minds of the public, but Apple also continues to innovate in its line of computers and software. The latest move to use the Intel chips has facilitated some important new developments, and its success with 'life style' software products continues. The speakers at this seminar attended the Apple World Wide Developers conference last month to catch up on the latest from Apple. They will present the highlights of the conference from each of their perspectives. Presenters: * Harry Harding, Mark Hodge, and Simon Høgh from ITS. * Dave Hayward from Apple Computer Division, Renaissance Ltd. Thursday 7th September at 1:00pm, Seminar Room, University College.

Developing a Departmental Intranet: From Fantasy to Fact

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Thursday, 3 August 2006

Intranets are seen as a way to provide an online communication infrastructure for departmental documents, reports, schedules, bookings, timetables, etc. (the fantasy). James Kalmakoff, Associate Dean, Website & Communications, will present a case study of an intranet developed for the Department of Microbiology & Immunology. This is a non-technical presentation of how the 'plug and play' software from WebCrossing was used. Presenter: James Kalmakoff, Associate Dean, Health Sciences. When: Thursday 3rd August at 1:00pm. Where: Seminar Room, University College.

Developing a Digital Institutional Repository at Otago

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Thursday, 6 July 2006

Hot topic, cool technology! Digital institutional repositories have become a hot topic in the last two years. An increasing number of universities are implementing them, because they provide valuable tools for scholarly communication and for enhancing the visibility and impact of research in the global community. The University of Otago is no exception and has successfully implemented three repositories since November 2005, through a project led by the School of Business in collaboration with the University Library and ITS. Come and hear the story, go live online to see the results and share in discussion about the issues. Presenters: Dr Graham McGregor (School of Business), Barbara Taylor (University Library) Monica Ballantine (University Library) Thursday 6th July at 1:00pm Burns 7, Arts I Building.

The Advanced Network for Research and Education

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Thursday, 4 May 2006

New Zealand is the only country in the developed world without an advanced computer network for research and education. This omission is about to be rectified with the establishment of a very high speed national network, and significant improvements in international connectivity. This vital part of the country's infrastructure will bring new opportunities for New Zealand's engagement with the world research community, and stimulate research and education innovation nationally. The seminar will explain what the coming of the network will mean to the University of Otago, and explore the new opportunities the network will bring. "What happens when the lid [cap] is lifted?". All welcome - attendees will not require any technical IT knowledge. Presenter: Neil James, IT Strategy and Policy Consultant. Thursday 4th May at 1:00pm Seminar Room, University College.

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