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Hands On 2019 Geology
Professor Ewan Fordyce (Geology) watches on as pupils uncover fossil whale bones from a piece of limestone.

The 30th edition of the annual Hands-On at Otago summer programme has this week begun engaging, entertaining and inspiring a keen group of high school pupils from across New Zealand.

Since its inception in 1990 the Hands-On at Otago programme has grown in size and scope. This year three-hundred-and-eighty students are getting a first-hand taste of the University of Otago.

“The week allows these pupils to experience the University atmosphere and environment with like-minded students. Along with the interesting activities to take part in the programme gives pupils a chance to really see what Dunedin and the University has to offer,” says Hands-On at Otago co-ordinator Dee Roben.

Highlights this year include an archaeological dig in the Department of Geology where a slab of limestone is being brought in for pupils to literally chip away at over the week, dentistry simulation labs, a surveying boat-trip, an explosive nano-chemistry module, building musical instruments out of wood pupils find themselves (in Hampden), a simulated Crime Scene Investigation with support from the New Zealand Police, plus various field trips and smaller 'snack-sized' options, among others.

Adding to the opportunity to really live like a fresh-faced uni-student, the pupils are being accommodated at a number of Otago's Halls of Residence for their week-long visit.

“Many of the pupils who go through Hands-On at Otago choose Otago as their place to study once they've left highs school. It's an exciting programme to be involved with and seeing the engagement and enthusiasm from the pupils attending is really great,” Mrs Roben adds.

Media interested in covering activities are asked to make contact before attending.

Further information on activities.

For more information please contact:

Dee Roben
Hands-On at Otago Co-ordinator
University of Otago
Tel +64 3 479 4245

Mark Hathaway
Senior Communications Adviser
University of Otago
Mob +64 21 279 5016

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