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Cliff Law – Steering committee member and Principal Scientist, Ocean and Atmosphere Group, NIWA

Cliff is a Principal Scientist in the Ocean-Atmosphere Group at NIWA, with broad research interests in the interactions between ocean biota and marine and atmospheric chemistry. One research area focuses on the influence of climate change and ocean acidification on microbial production and biodiversity in the surface ocean.

Current research projects investigate the impact of ocean acidification on carbonate-forming plankton (MFish funded), and on bacterial degradation of organic matter (Marsden funded). He has also recently developed a NZ Climate Change Atlas for the Oceans with Phil Boyd in the NIWA Centre of Excellence in the Department of Chemistry, University of Otago.

For more information about Cliff and his work see NIWA.

Recent publications

Law, C.S., Breitbarth, E., Hoffmann, L.J., McGraw, C.M., Langlois, R.J., LaRoche, J., Marriner, A. and Safi, K.A (2012). No stimulation of nitrogen fixation by non-filamentous diazotrophs under elevated CO2 in the South Pacific. Global Change Biology, 18(10): 3004-3014.

Boyd, P.W and Law, C.S. (2011). An Ocean Climate Change Atlas for New Zealand waters. NIWA Information Series No. 79. Wellington: NIWA, 20p. ISSN 1174-264X.

Boyd, P.W., Law, C.S. and Doney, S. C. (2011). A climate change atlas for the Ocean. Oceanography, 24(2):13–16, doi:10.5670/oceanog.2011.42.

Wallace, D.W.R. , Law, C.S., Boyd, P.W., Collos, Y., Croot, P., Denman, K., Lam, P.J., Riebesell, U., Takeda, S., and Williamson, P. (2010). Ocean Fertilization. A Scientific Summary for Policy Makers. Paris: IOC/UNESCO, 20p. (IOC/BRO/2010/2). PDF