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Claudine Stirling - University of Otago

Claudine StirlingClaudine is a Research Professor in the Department of Geology and the Director of the Community Trust of Otago Centre for Trace Element Analysis.

Claudine’s research team explores the analysis of metallic element isotope systems using multiple-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (MC-ICPMS) with wide ranging applications in (bio)geochemistry, environmental chemistry, paleoclimatology and cosmochemistry.

Two key areas of research include: examining the different pathways taken by trace metals through the oceanic systems, to understand the interlinked cycles involved ; and reconstruction of the timing, duration and extent of anoxia across known anoxic events of the Mesozoic Ocean. These so-called 'ocean anoxic events' devastated Earth's ecosystems for up to half a million years at a time, as 'super-greenhouse' climates prevailed and vast expanses of the oceans were devoid of oxygen.

This work is largely funded by the NZ Marsden Fund, and the research is undertaken in collaboration with GEOTRACES.