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Graduating class of 2018

The medical class of 2018 graduated on 8 December 2018, beginning the formalities with their prize-giving and the reading of the medical graduates' oath in the Colquhoun lecture theatre before proceeding to the Town Hall for the graduation ceremony. Otago's oath is based on international precedents including the Declaration of Geneva; in 2018, the Otago oath was changed to include acknowledging the practitioners' responsibility to care for their own health and well being. This change was introduced internationally by Otago medical graduate Sam Hazledine in 2017, and incorporated into the Otago version after stakeholder consultation throughout 2018.

As is customary, the reading of the oath was led by the year's top student, for 2018, Ashleigh Shipton. Congratulations to Ashleigh and all of Otago's new 2018 doctors.

View the prizegiving ceremony and reading of the oath here

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