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Student news

Te Reo Thumbnail

Student-led te reo Māori classes popular with peers

An eight-week te reo Māori class for medical students, set up by fellow students, was so popular it will be repeated in future years. The organisers explain how Te Reo Kia Ora sessions at the Hunter Centre began, the philosophy behind the classes and their hopes for the future.

Indira Thumbnail

Ones to Watch: Indira Fernando

Just by being here as a sick, queer, woman of colour I make it easier for other people. This is what I would say to other students from minority backgrounds who want to pursue studies here.”

International Students Thumbnail

International students affected by COVID-19 restrictions return

While New Zealand’s borders are still closed the government has accepted the return of a few current international students whose studies have been affected by border restrictions. This has allowed for a few Otago students from China to return to their studies in-person after completing 14 days in MIQ.

Football Thumbnail

Football team makes history

The Otago University Football Club recently made history as the first Otago team to progress to the quarter final of the Chatham Cup.

Nic Thumbnail

Ones to Watch: Nic Sinnott

A career that serves others is the dream for a medical student who believes that health care can be adapted to better reach high-risk communities.

Te Whetu Thumbnail

Ones to Watch: Te Whetu Aarahi Kerekere

Te Whetu Aarahi says after looking more closely, she can see how she hasn’t abandoned her love for her culture at all, but instead is doing important work by bringing Māori perspective into spaces which need it.

Neighbourhood Thumbnail

Sussing sustainability in student neighbourhood

Living in the University’s Sustainability Neighbourhood has shown students how easy it is to make sustainable changes – and given them easy opportunities to learn new sustainability skills to use in their future lives.

Mindful Monday Thumbnail

Colleges embrace 'Mindful Mondays'

Not having red meat or chicken on our student college menus on Mondays is saving about the same amount of carbon as getting 133 cars off the road annually.

Energy Schol Thumbnail

Powering the future generations

More Otago students than any prior year are recipients of The Energy Education Trust New Zealand Undergraduate Scholarship.

Reshined Roots Thumbnail

Second chance for undesirable carrots

Oddly shaped fruit and vegetables contribute to a third of New Zealand’s annual billion-dollar food waste problem. Three Food Science students recently came up with an idea which could have a positive impact on food-waste reduction.

Rowing Thumbnail

Hard yards reaping the rewards

It’s no secret that the Otago University Rowing Club is the envy of many others and attracts top athletes from around the country, including Ben Mason and Kobe Miller.

Art Week Thumbnail

Annual celebration of the arts

Art Week 2021 is all set for the second week of August and this year has some exciting new twists on what art means to people and how it can be expressed.