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From left, Anthony Mirfin, Aleida Powell and Summer Campbell all recently received the Energy Education Trust New Zealand Undergraduate Scholarship.

More Otago students than any prior year are recipients of The Energy Education Trust New Zealand Undergraduate Scholarship.

Awarded annually to 15 students across the country the scholarship encourages university study with an emphasis on energy within the fields of economics, engineering, science, energy management and related fields.

This year three Otago energy management students who want to make a difference to New Zealand's energy sector received the scholarship for 2021.

Bachelor of Science student Summer Campbell is one of this year's recipients and says the scholarship means a lot to her in terms of acknowledging women in her chosen field.

“I didn't think I would get it. I've done lots of work experience and extra-curricular activities which I think helped. University is expensive and having recognition and assistance as a young female in a male dominated industry is huge.”

Summer, who is originally from Whangarei, already has a job lined up at the completion of her studies.

“I finish at the end of this year and have a job at Downer as an Energy and Carbon adviser. I would really like to help the country drive forward towards its carbon neutral goals. Whether that's in a political role, management role in a business or a technical liaison role.”

Bachelor of Science (Honours) student Aleida Powell is also a recipient of the 2021 scholarship and says it recognises passion for the industry.

“The scholarship is about recognising you're someone who is interested in energy. One of the things they asked was how we feel we could make a difference and it's awesome the people who received the scholarship are people who are really going to do something to benefit the country.”

Already Aleida has been using her studies to contribute to wider research which impacts her community.

“Over summer I did a summer studentship with Aurora Energy. I worked with them to investigate how Electric Kiwi student customers in the North Dunedin region impact the local network.”

Last but not least Anthony Mirfin who is also completing his Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) is the third recipient of the scholarship.

“It's nice to receive recognition for the work I have been doing. With technology and policies changing so quickly it is a really exciting time to be involved in the energy industry. This scholarship is an acknowledgement that New Zealand needs science-backed decision making in the coming years to achieve its goals.”

Kōrero by Internal Communications Adviser, Chelsea McRae

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