The Frances Hodgkins Fellowship

The Frances Hodgkins Fellowship was established by the University of Otago Council in 1962 to aid and encourage painters, sculptors and multi-media artists, while at the same time associating them with the life of the University and fostering an interest in the Arts within the University. It was named after Dunedin-born Frances Hodgkins, one of New Zealand's most distinguished painters.

The annual, 12-month Fellowship provides a studio/office space and not less than the minimum salary of a full-time university lecturer. It is open to artists who are normally resident in New Zealand and who, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, have executed work that demonstrates their talent, and would benefit from holding the Fellowship.

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Photo of Louise Menzies

Louise Menzies

Frances Hodgkins Fellow 2018

Louise Menzies is an Auckland-based artist. She has already established an outstanding body of work, including an impressive 15 solo exhibitions with showings in North America, Australia and Lithuania; contributions to group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Montreal, Paris, Rotterdam and Sydney; 12 art publication projects; and four significant residencies, three in international settings.

Her practice embraces a range of media, including text, performance, moving image, photography, ceramics and print media, usually presented within installed environments. She draws particularly on research into the ways female experience has (or has not) been recorded – something she hopes to continue, by exploring histories of local artists including Joanna Paul and Frances Hodgkins, as a starting point.

“As an artist you are always running a time deficit. Many more ideas enter the studio than there is the time and space to make them. The fellowship is a true gift in this sense, and the chance it offers to work in an extended way on one’s own artistic production is an immensely valuable opportunity.

“I have much excitement about the year ahead, and discovering the many local resources I anticipate responding to throughout my various projects. It’s a huge honour to have been given the Fellowship, and I can’t wait to get started.”


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