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Commercialisation advice and experience available to all University of Otago researchers

Otago Innovation, established in 2002, is a University of Otago company responsible for developing and commercialising the University's intellectual property.

Our Chief Executive, David Christensen, has 20+ years of commercial experience. He has worked in the broad area of University technology commercialisation since 2004. Four of the team are Ph.D. qualified and also carry strong practical business experience.

In addition to the commercialisation team (Alex, Graham, Luke, Sam and Dee), Otago Innovation has an Intellectual Property Manager, in our finance team is Sarah Davies Nitis and Vicki Hume who is also Executive Assistant to our CEO.

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We can help University Of Otago researchers get their concept to the point of investor readiness

Otago Innovation Limited offer advice, and can provide a platform from which University of Otago researchers can get their research or invention investor ready.

Technology Transfer (Commercialisation) is the process of translating investor ready research discoveries into products and services, often through licenses or a new company formation.

We look at all sorts of ideas, products, services, medical devices, therapeutics and diagnostics to name a few.

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The world may be waiting for your idea

If you are a University of Otago academic with an idea or invention, we are interested in learning more about it. It can be anything from a product to a service, medical device, therapeutic, diagnostic, new material, learning materials...the list is endless.

At Otago Innovation we identify, secure and commercialise intellectual property arising from each of the University's four divisions, so come and talk to us today.

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