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Otago Innovation technology transfer team

Hon Pete Hodgson - Chief Executive                                 Hon. Pete Hodgson

Expertise: Pete holds a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary science from Massey University in 1973. Pete was elected as MP for Dunedin North in 1990 and was appointed to Cabinet in 1999 (New Zealand Government 1999 –2008), having held portfolios including Economic Development; Tertiary Education; Research, Science and Technology, Health, Transport, Commerce, Land Information, Statistics, Energy, Fisheries and Forestry. He is also NZ independent chair (Australia and New Zealand) with the Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART). In 2014 Pete was appointed CEO of Otago Innovation Limited.
Years of Commercial Experience: 20+

Tel +64 3 479 3872
LinkedIn: Pete Hodgson on LinkedIn

David Christensen - General Manager                    

Expertise: David has 20+ years of commercial experience, working in the broad area of University technology commercialisation since 2004. David leads the commercialisation team, operational management, diagnostic biomarkers, physical medical devices, ICT opportunities and drug development. Specialising in early identification of commercially valuable IP.Mr David Christensen
Joined Otago Innovation in 2007.
Years of Commercial Experience: 20+

Tel +64 3 479 8781
Mob +64 212798781
LinkedIn: David Christensen on Linkedin

Tomas Ribeiro - Patent Attorney & Intellectual Property Manager 

tomas-ribeiro profile pictureExpertise: A registered patent attorney, Tomas has many years’ experience particularly in Life Sciences. Previously a patent attorney with Baldwins in Auckland, he has experience with pharmaceutical companies and government entities in England and Scotland. Tomas started his career in IP as a patent examiner at the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand.

Tel +64 3 479 5748
Mob +64 221530376
LinkedIn Tomas Ribeiro on LinkedIn

Dr Alex Tickle - Commercialisation Manager

Dr Alex TickleExpertise: Life Sciences (including drug discovery and development, diagnostics, medical devices), Chemistry (academia and industry), Pharmaceutical and biotech industry and Business development. Alex’s area of research is in Organic Chemistry. Before joining Otago Innovation, Alex was a product and marketing manager for Neuraxpharm in Germany. Joined Otago Innovation in 2003.
Years of Commercial Experience: 17.

Tel +64 3 479 4145
Mob +64 274 392954
LinkedIn: Dr Alex Tickle on Linkedin

Dr Tracey Smith - Commercialisation Manager                             Dr Tracey Smith

Expertise: Biotechnology, Life sciences, Health IT, Agriculture. Developing business relationships and funding opportunities with companies in the area of biological and environmental science. Tracey’s area of research is in Orthopaedics and has a BSc in Microbiology. Having research experience in the veterinary, biomedical and biotechnology sectors within NZ and UK. Joined Otago Innovation in 2012.
Years of commercial experience: 10.

Tel +64 3 479 9970
Mob +64 21 389 970
LinkedIn: Dr Tracey Smith on LinkedIn

Dr Graham Strong - Commercialisation Manager                                          Dr Graham Strong

Expertise: Technology, Mobile Apps, Software, Life Science, Start-Ups, Maori Business Development and Nutraceuticals. Graham’s area of research is in Plant Sciences. Previously worked at Dunedin City Council - Economic Development Unit, Graham developed the Research Support Fund. He designed, implemented and developed the Dunedin Internship Programme, developed in conjunction with the University of Otago the International Research Pilot. Joined Otago Innovation in 2012.
Years of commercial experience: 11.

Tel +64 3 479 4170
Mob +64 21 279 4170
LinkedIn: Dr Graham Strong on Linkedin

Dr Stephen Sowerby - Commercialisation Manager

Stephen Sowerby pic (4)Expertise: Technology innovator, Molecular biology, Physical chemistry, Diagnostic technology development, Parasite diagnostics, Biochemistry and science commercialisation. Stephen invented and facilitated the commercialisation of Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing and the innovative fluidics inside the FECPAKG2 point of care parasite diagnostic technology being used globally in agricultural and clinical settings. Stephen’s area of research is in Biochemistry. Joined Otago Innovation in 2016.
Years of commercial experience: 15.

Tel: +64 3 479 7143
Mob: +64 22 3066536
LinkedIn: Dr Stephen Sowerby on Linkedin