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DRL team photoProfessor Frank Griffin, Dr Rory O'Brien and Simon Liggett.

Disease Research Limited (DRL) is an independent diagnostic laboratory, based at Invermay in Mosgiel, which specialises in Johne's disease testing and diagnosis.

DRL is a company wholly owned by Otago Innovation Ltd.

DRL provides diagnostic services for farmers seeking to manage Johne's in their herds and minimise production losses arising from Johne's. In addition to conventional tests (milk and blood), DRL provide a quantitative DNA test to determine MAP shedding levels in dung samples. The DRL tests identify individual carriers and quantify risk levels to farmers herds allowing for targeted stock management.

For more information and booking a test go to DRL website:
Phone: (03) 4894832 or Simon Liggett cell:021 2497710


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