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Is your idea protected from the start? Is your IP in jeopardy?

As an Otago academic you are creating IP everyday through research discoveries, copy right, patents, knowhow and design. Talk to Otago Innovation we can give you advice for free and help you protect your IP.

How Patenting your idea can be advantageous to your Publishing career

There is a myth that you can't patent and publish. This is not our experience, we have found the opposite to be true.

We know that publishing is integral to academic success, we (OIL) can ensure that continues while at the same time preserving your idea for future commercial opportunities.

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Discover how Otago Innovation may pay for your Patenting costs if you transfer your technology

An important part of many commercial opportunities is patent protection. Strong patents are highly valued by commercial partners and investors who may be interested in the technology.

Prior to patent protection, the key is to avoid public disclose of your discovery.
Example: Inadvertent disclosure may occur via seminar, a public talk, conference proceedings, posters and published articles.
We know that opportunities have been lost due to inadvertent disclosure, so if you're unsure please contact Otago Innovation to explore this further.

Ways to keep your IP safe;

Add the word 'confidential' to your slide deck before presenting at departmental seminars.

Embargo the hard copy of a students thesis, AND the digital copy!

Talk to Otago Innovation before talking to the newspaper reporter! Check what to say and not say!

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Talk to Otago Innovation about Intellectual Property for your idea

Determining ownership of your Intellectual Property

If an invention is successfully commercialised, under the University of Otago Intellectual Property Policy, inventors and contributors are eligible to receive a share of the financial rewards from that venture.

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