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Insider access to University of Otago technologies

Otago Innovation invests time, money and expertise into the development of new technologies from the University of Otago. Our role is to prepare the technology to a point where it is "investor ready".

" Investor ready” means to transfer the technology from us to another party. Due to the nature of the technologies we work with, insider access to University of Otago technologies is rare. For the most part our technologies are not available for investors to work on until they're ready to transfer out of the University.

However, Otago Innovation recognises that many investors favour guiding a technology from its formative stages in order to match market expectations.

Therefore, Otago Innovation is keen to allow select people insider access to University of Otago technologies, even at a very early stage in the technology's lifecycle. There is no obligation for the investor to invest, nor to take any stake in the technology at all. However, should the investor wish to, then we would do our best to accommodate that.

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How Otago Innovation Ltd partners with you

We do not expect investors to carry all the risk. Otago Innovation shares the risk of development in a number of ways.

Talk to one of our commercialisation managers about how Otago Innovation may partner with you in developing University of Otago Technologies.

How you can get access to University of Otago research capability

Otago' academic and research performance is of the highest standard. With a powerful support system, excellent laboratory spaces and state-of-the-art facilities, Otago is all about supporting quality research outcomes.

The University of Otago's team in the Research and Enterprise Office can walk you through the process of engaging with Otago's researchers to access their expertise.

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