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The benefits to you for transferring your idea

Otago Innovation operate as a resource for University of Otago Researchers.

You'll also discover how we can help you get support for your current or next grant application, and also what the Proof of Concept Grant competition may mean for you if you're lucky enough to receive it.

Information on how to apply for Otago Innovation's Proof of Concept Grant competition

Getting started

The video series below has been prepared to give you insight into the world of technology transfer. Listen to three University of Otago staff members talk about their experience of how they prepared to get investment into their research idea.

Dr Gavin Clark

Dr Gavin Clark, former Director of the Research and Enterprise Office talks about an incident he experienced early in his career with a Senior Academic and discovered that it's not true that you can give away your work and expect the world to benefit (duration 95s).

Professor Stephen Duffull

Professor Stephen Duffull shares his commercialisation experience with Otago Innovation. Having been the Dean of the School of Pharmacy amongst other roles, Professor Duffull talks about his Simpharm Health Simulation product and the pathway it took him to get a licence deal (duration 65s).

Otago Innovation's investment in researchers transferring their ideas

Otago Innovation invests time, expertise and money transferring ideas from the University of Otago to the commercial market place.

When we partner with University of Otago researchers, we have the ability to provide the necessary resource to advance a project. We explore this with you on a case-by-case basis.

At times we bring in other partners to co-invest with us, allowing us to support larger projects than we may be able to do on our own.

By us taking on a lot of the early financial risk, you are freed-up to focus on your technology development path. If a financial return is generated, we will recoup those early project costs in line with the University of Otago Intellectual Property Policy.

Talk to one of our team in person about your idea

How to get support for grant applications for your research

Sometimes researchers come to us with an idea, but it's so early in its' conception that it's not ready to be transferred out of the University. Often this means that more research is needed before we can be sure the technology is ready for transfer. More research generally means more money is required. While we can support to a limited extent, grant funding is often necessary.

If you're not sure whether this applies to your technology you can either get in touch with one of our team or contact the Research and Enterprise Office (R&E). R&E are the experts in identifying and supporting grant funding applications for researchers.

Talk to the Research and Enterprise Office About Your Grant Application


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