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France Hudson thumbnail

Managing land retreat

Land threatened by natural hazards

Schwefel thumbnail

Seeing the light

"Light bulb moment" wins award

Flu study thumbnail

Flu a major killer

Flu kills 500 New Zealanders each year

Freeman thumbnail

Nature and ageing

Research shows nature is important for the elderly

Mei Peng thumbnail

Sensing food

Why some people are over-eaters

Rosengren thumbnail

Prostate cancer breakthrough

Drug success in advanced cancer fight

John horwood thumbnail

Early education advantages

Early childhood education leads to higher earnings

Cotter thumbnail

Healthy heating

Hot water and health benefits

Ivan Diaz Rainey thumbnail

Climate finance silence

Finance journals ignore climate finance

Erwin Lamping thumbnail

Drug resistance clue

Chance discovery reveals genetic sleight-of-hand

Rob Hamlin thumbnail

Packaging a punch

Packaging influences consumer choice

Mclellan Nakatani thumbnail

Safer cancer treatment

2017 Otago Innovation Proof of Concept winners