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OUASSA Marine Science project

What is Marine Science?

Marine Science involves studying the ocean and its life, gaining an understanding of the vast ocean environment that covers over 70% of our planet. Marine scientists investigate seawater, waves and tides, sediment, shells, marine plants and animals and how they intertwine. Chemists may need to know about plankton. Geologists need to understand wave motion. Marine biologists may have to explore seafloor sediments.

We still know too little about the oceans and their inhabitants. The largest animal to have ever lived on our planet (the blue whale) is still such an enigma we do not know how long they live or even where they breed. We know more about the surface of Mars than we do about the deep ocean!

Summer (Jan) & Winter (July) Science Camps

Whelk-come to our world!

Marine science will be used as a context for exploring, investigating, extending and enriching biology within the framework of NCEA Scholarship.

In July our focus links the earlier ecology and animal behaviour work to evolution patterns and processes. Through laboratory work, aquarium and field trips, practical hands on investigations with live animals and dissections (shark, rough skate, crab and cockle) we will continue to enquire and explore. The relationships between local representatives of the main marine phyla (some of whom you will have already met!) will provide the focus to advance this learning. Finally, we will collaborate in developing some formal scientific communication.

So join us in southern mud! Marine science is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional world where life abounds and science embarks on thought-filled seeking! We want to challenge you in the world of the immense and the very small, with lashings of salt! Come on board, me hearties! Meet amazing molluscs, weird worms, curious crustaceans and fascinating fish.

More information about Marine Science at Otago

Download the Marine Science (PDF, 170 KB) infosheet for more information about:

  • Suggested background
  • Careers in Marine Science
  • Degree programme
  • Teaching style
  • Postgraduate study

For further information visit the Department of Marine Science website.