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OUASSA Geography project

What is Geography?

Are you someone that likes spending time outdoors, looking at rivers, oceans, mountains, beaches and plants? Do you often wonder how earthquakes, water pollution, changing sea levels and global temperatures impact on how we live our lives? If so, then you should call yourself a geographer.

Physical geography is all about looking at how different features of our landscape, for example, dunes and how they have formed over millions of years and how they are changing right at this moment. By understanding the science of the landscape we can try to understand how humans have changed it, or how they could change it to try and control it. For example, letting dairy cows pollute our rivers or putting in a sea wall to prevent the ocean from eroding the land we live on.

Geographers are determined to save the world by understanding how it works!

Geography project

The office of a geographer is one without walls, so we will spend all our time outside during this project exploring the Dunedin coastline and probably encountering some sand sausages and perhaps sea lions.

We want you to understand how beaches and dunes are formed and why they are so important. We will try to understand why beaches are the best protection against sea level rise and storms. We want you to learn about how humans have modified the coast by planting exotic grasses and building seawalls. We ask if these modifications are good or bad and do they help beaches do their job of protecting against sea level rise and storms.

During camp you will investigate how beaches and dunes changes shape in response to storms – just like a real physical geographer.

Don’t forget your sunhat and your coat as the wind can be strong and the sand particles are ferocious when they hit you at speed.

More information about Geography at Otago

Download the Geography (PDF) infosheet for more information about:

  • Suggested background
  • Careers in Geography
  • Degree programme
  • Teaching style
  • Postgraduate study

For further information visit the Department of Geography website.