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OUASSA Psychology elective

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the science of behaviour and the mind, exploring the complex way humans (and other animals) interact with the world and each other.

Psychology examines perceptual, mental, and emotional processes, for example: the biological basis of memory; how drugs, head injuries, or hormones influence behaviour; why we remember little from before three or four years of age; how parents’ talk affects children’s development; how the abilities of men and women differ; how emotion recognition changes in old age; how emotion affects reasoning; and what underlies disorders of the brain such as schizophrenia.

In this elective, you will have the opportunity to act as both the experimenter and a participant in psychology experiments. We will look at ways that human behaviour is influenced by different factors, and how our perceptions of the world can change depending how our brains are wired.

More information about Psychology at Otago

Download the Psychology (PDF, 200 KB) infosheet for more information about:

  • Suggested background
  • Careers in Psychology
  • Degree programme
  • Teaching style
  • Postgraduate study

For further information visit the Department of Psychology website.