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Science Academy (OUASSA) Teacher Workshops

Register for the 2020 Teacher Workshops

Every year we run Teacher Workshops alongside our student science camps. While the workshops are targeted at teachers from schools who have students enrolled in Science Academy (OUASSA), teachers from other schools are more than welcome.

Teacher Professional Development Programme 2020

Monday 20 January – Thursday 23 January, 2020

Our overall aim is to present tools and techniques that teachers can apply back in their classrooms, including practical work and opportunities to upskill and add to their knowledge base.

The 2020 Professional Development Programme will have 2 options.

Option 1: General Science

Access to a range of Science Departments within the University focusing on current research and practical work that relates directly to the classroom including:

  • Interactive lab session on Senior Bio, Chem or Physics
  • Chemistry practicals for Junior Science
  • Earth and Space Science
    • Big ideas in earth, space and environmental sciences and why they are more relevant than ever
    • Bringing Planet Earth into the classroom: resources for running hands on activities and virtual field trips
    • Making it relevant: tailoring the curriculum to your local setting (includes local field trip to key geosites)
Option 2: Marine Science

The Oceans of Tomorrow resource will be used as a starting point to engage you in exploring a range of practical work that can be linked together to build skills and understanding in a range of sciences.

Then we will show how some of these activities can be parts of ongoing citizen science involvement in local consequences of a major global issue while targeting curriculum and achievement objectives!

Multidisciplinary, multidimensional, multi-level chem, bio, physics, geology, ESS.
Years 6–13

Will involve lab and field sessions, apps and websites.

This option will be held at the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre, Portobello. Transport will be provided from accommodation to and from Portobello each day.


Accommodation will be at Arana Residential College, University of Otago, Dunedin Campus with the workshops and activities on and around Campus.

Applications close 1 November 2019

Cost: $450 plus Travel

This covers your programme costs, accommodation and meals. Transport will be provided to and from Dunedin airport or bus station.

In the past the Ministry of Education funding has subsidised our Teacher Professional Development programme including travel to and from Dunedin. Regretfully, this funding was withdrawn for 2020 citing "changes in our procurement process", forcing us to run our workshop at cost recovery.

Summer Teacher Workshop: Monday 20 January – Thursday 23 January 2020

Contact us if you wish to join us or are interested in learning more about Science Academy (OUASSA).

2019  Winter Teacher Workshop

Twenty one teachers took advantage of a great winter programme with lots of practical and theoretical activities to support their teaching back in the classroom. The programme kicked off with some enlightening presentations by the Otago Medical School on current scientific advancements in medicine.

July 2019 PD Teachers image

Morning practical sessions were held in the Anatomy and Botany departments with further practical activities run by the Departments of Pharmacology and Toxicology. All of these provided opportunities to learn new information and practical skills. Breakout groups worked collaboratively in both the Physics and Genetics/Biochemistry workshops.

July 2019 PD Toxicology image

The ever popular sessions with the NZQA moderators were well received and the final evening socialising with research staff was the ideal way to learn more about latest research focus across various a wide range science disciplines in a relaxed environment.

July 2019 teacher PD moderation session image

2019  Summer Teacher Workshop

Alongside the student programme, we also ran the first of this year’s Teacher Workshops to help support science classroom teaching at our participating schools.  Sixteen teachers attended hands-on full-day lab sessions in Genetics/Biochemistry and Physics, as well as shorter sessions in sport and exercise Science, internals planning and seminars.

“Great to be able to network in Physics and Biology with a small group of teachers in similar situations. Excellent to gain some specific information regarding good websites and info sources.”

2019 Teacher Workshop