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Stefan Aquilina: Blurring Boundaries: Recurring Principles between Theatre and Everyday Life

Public, All university
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Public lecture, Lecture

Do you believe that everyday life is repetitive and tedious? If yes, this lecture will show that more than the run-of-the-mill side of existence, everyday life is ripe with a zest for theatricality that makes it joyous and meaningful to live…as well as highly political.

Using Michel de Certeau's idea of cross-cultural recurrence, and Richard Schechner's understanding that 'the tendency over the past century has been to dissolve the boundaries separating performing from not-performing, art from not-art', the lecture will seek to identify recurring principles between theatre and performance on one side and everyday life on the other. The recurring principles discussed are: (i) theatrical transformation; (ii) preparation/rehearsal; and (iii) repetition and uniqueness.

Stefan Aquilina is Director of Research and Internationalisation of the School of Performing Arts and Theatre Studies Lecturer at the University of Malta. His focus is modern theatre in Russia, especially Stanislavsky and Meyerhold, but has wider interest in the cultural transmission of embodied practice, amateur theatre, devised performance, and reflective teaching.

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