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Summer Studentships at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

What is a summer studentship?

A summer studentship is the opportunity to do a 10 week research project under the guidance of one of the supervisors at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology over the summer period. To be eligible you should be either a 3rd or 4th year BSc, BSc(Hons), MSc or BBiomedSci student and are thinking of a career in research.

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Are there scholarships for summer studentships?

There are tax free scholarships available for Summer Studentships.

What is the Fastier Prestigious Summer Studentship?

This prestigious summer studentship is funded through the generosity of Emeritus Professor Fred Fastier, Professor of Pharmacology between 1969 and 1980 and who taught pharmacology at Otago between 1949 and 1980. Applications are invited from BSc, BSc(Hons) and MSc Pharmacology and Toxicology students for a 10-week summer research project. Students must have the intention to further their Pharmacology and Toxicology studies next year. This Prestigious Studentship award is $5,000.

Applications must include a short proposal of not more than two A4 pages (12 pt Times and including references), that has been discussed with a potential supervisor. This proposal should include a brief background to your research topic and a plan of what you hope to achieve during the tenure of your studentship. A printout of your grades and a letter of support from your potential supervisor should also be included.

Applicants who are selected as finalists will be required to deliver a 5-minute presentation to the selection panel. Successful applicants will be required to give a seminar of their results to the Department in February 2018. A summary report (4-6 pages) is required by 30 March 2018, at the latest. Note, work completed on this project must not be used to support any degree. This studentship supports stand-alone projects only.

Applications close: Friday 4 August, 2017

Please submit your application electronically to:
The Head of Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology Department

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What is the Eunice Isoble Beswick Summer Research Scholarship (Tinnitus Postgraduate Summer Scholarship)?

Applications are invited from postgraduate students that are interested in undertaking a summer scholarship specializing in tinnitus research.  The scholarship is for 10 weeks over the summer period of 2017/2018 and is for $5,000.  Please register your interest by Friday 25 August 2017 to Professor Paul Smith.  Enquiries should be directed to Dr Yiwen Zheng.  

You will be required to submit a report and formally present your results to the department early in February, 2018.  

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What have previous Summer Students done?

2014/2015 Summer Studentships

Georgia Ramsden

  • Title: The angiogenin enigma: mesenchymal stem cell secretion of angiogenin and its effect on cancer cell migration and invasion.

  • Supervisor: Dr Sarah Baird

  • Scholarship: Fastier Prestigious Summer Studentship

Shayma Ali

  • Title: The Early Effects of Acoustic Trauma on KCNQ2 Expression in the Brain Auditory Pathways.

  • Supervisor: Prof Paul Smith and Dr Yiwen Zheng

  • Beswick Student Research Scholarship

Christabel Wilson

  • Title: Synergism of Crizotinib and Pemetrexed in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer.

  • Supervisor: Dr John Ashton

  • Health Sciences Summer Research Scholarship - OSMS

Susan Xian

  • Title: The use of styrene maleic acid WIN55,312-2 micelles for the treatment of breast cancer.

  • Supervisor: Dr Khaled Greish

  • Health Sciences Summer Research Scholarship - OSMS

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2013/2014 Summer Studentships

Stefanie Dixon

  • Title: Glutamic acid decarboxylase levels in the cochlear nucleus of rats with acoustic trauma-induced tinnitus
  • Supervisor(s): Professor Paul Smith and Dr Yiwen Zheng
  • Scholarship: Eunice Isobel Beswick Summer Research Scholarship

Sam Betty

  • Title: Prophylactic administration of a carbon monoxide donor in a renal transplant perfusion model
  • Supervisor: Dr Ivan Sammut
  • Scholarship: Fastier Prestigious Summer Studentships

Danyon Graham

  • Title: Investigation of JC1/tDodSNO combination as a potential cancer therapeutic
  • Supervisor(s): Dr Greg Giles
  • Scholarship: Fastier Prestigious Summer Studentships

Samantha McNeil

  • Title: The role of Jun N-Terminal Kinases in the cyototoxic effect elicited by tert-Dodecane S-Nitrosothiol
  • Supervisor(s): Dr Greg Giles
  • Scholarship: Fastier Prestigious Summer Studentships

Monica Archibald 

Paul Hsu

Chloe Squires

Mai Nguygen 

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2012/2013 Summer Studentships

Tina Chien

  • Title: Is acoustic trauma-induced tinnitus associated with an increased hypocretin expression in the brain?

  • Supervisor(s): Dr Yiwen Zheng

  • Scholarship: Fastier Prestigious Summer Studentships

Jessica Macindoe

  • In vitro preconditioning of hippocampal slices with GYKI-52466

  • Supervisor(s): Associate Professor Steve Kerr

  • Scholarship: Fastier Prestigious Summer Studentships

Emily McNamara

Rebecca Millen

Hayley Nehoff

  • Title: The use of folate targeted zinc protoporphyrin micelles for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme

  • Supervisor(s): Dr Khaled Greish

  • Scholarship: Fastier Prestigious Summer Studentships

Emily Shearer

Thalita van Aswegan

Ana Vulinovich

  • Title: GABAB receptor expression in the cochlear nucleus following acoustic trauma

  • Supervisor(s): Professor Paul Smith

Scholarship: Otago Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) Scholarships

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2011/2012 Summer Studentships

 Jasper Diong

Oliver Linsell

  • Title: Cyclodextrins affect of spacial memory and learning

  • Supervisor(s): Dr John Ashton

  • Scholarship: Fred Fastier Summer Studentships

Michael Milne

Chloe Squires

2010/2011 Summer Studentships

Felix Deuss

  • Title: UV-Sensitive, KDEL-Conjugated S-Nitrosothiols as Anti-Cancer Agents

  • Supervisor(s): Dr Greg Giles

Julian Dzeyk

  • Title: Establishing anti-cancer activity and toxicity of novel curcumin analogs in animal models of estrogen receptor negative breast cancer

  • Supervisor(s): Associate Professor Rhonda Rosengren

Jeong Hoon Ha

  • Title: Development of an in vitro assay of Na+/K+ ATPase activity for determination of mechanisms underlying pharmacological preconditioning

  • Supervisor(s): Associate Professor Steve Kerr

Lara Jupp

  • Title: Structure-activity relationship studies to determine the efficacy of organoselenium drugs as potential lipoxygenase inhibitors

  • Supervisor(s): Dr Greg Giles

Albert Laurence

  • Photoactivated nitric oxide donors: the kinetic characterisation of nitric oxide

  • Supervisor(s): Dr Greg Giles

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