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Our people

Academic staff

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  • Nil

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Postgraduate students

  • OPG_ASCEPT_2017Qing Xi Ooi

     The influence of vitamin K on warfarin activity

  • Vijay Kumar Siripuram

     A systems model for azathioprine

  • Xiao (Derek) Zhu

     Developing a full kinetic model for GPCRs

  • Jaydeep Sinha

     The influence of body composition on drug pharmacokinetics

  • Sudeep Pradhan

     Renal drug handling

  • Isabelle Kuan

     Metformin pharmacology

  • Suchaya (Yim) Sanhajariya

     Snake venom pharmacology

  • Abdallah Derbalah

     Pharmacology of heparins in Paeds

  • Salma Bahnasawy

     A QSP model of the cardiovascular system in paeds 

BPharm(Hons) students

  • Anna Cao

     PKPD of vitamin K

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Visiting researchers and students

  • Dr Chihiro Hasegawa

Please contact us if you are interested in visiting us as a researcher or student.

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Summer students

Currently, there are no summer students in our group.

Please visit the School of Pharmacy website for general information on summer studentships at the School of Pharmacy.

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Previous members


  • Dr Helen Winter
  • Dr Carolyn Coulter

Postdoctoral fellows

  • Dr Zheng Liu
  • Dr Pavan Vajjah
  • Dr Gareth Hegarty

Assistant research fellows

  • Dr Abhishek Gulati
  • Dr Julia Korell
  • Thomas (Tom) Harper

Research assistants

  • Dr Aidin Jalilzadeh
  • Upal Nath

PhD students

  • Dr Shamin Saffian
  • Dr Vittal Shivva
  • Dr Shan Pan
  • Dr Piyanan Assawasuwannakit
  • Dr Hesh Al-Sallami
  • Dr Chakradhar Lagishetty
  • Dr Abhishek Gulati
  • Dr Dan Wright
  • Dr Ernieda Md Hatah
  • Dr Julia Korell
  • Dr Lee-Kien Foo
  • Dr Frederiek Vos
  • Dr Pavan Vajjah

Honours Students

  • Priyanki Gandhi
  • Dharrshine Selvakumar
  • Natalie Fleming
  • Isabelle Kuan
  • Fang Juinn (Jun) Yu

Visiting PhD students

  • Dr James McGree
  • Joyce Cooper
  • Hugh Kingston
  • Dr Juliana Roos

Visiting masters' students

  • Laura Thiemann
  • Marion Müller
  • Mathilde Colas
  • Jantine Brussee
  • Björn Niklasson
  • Oskar Alskär
  • Marie Berglund
  • Indri Rooslamati

Visiting BPharm students

  • Deborah Ng

PGCert students

  • Shamin Saffian
  • Sarah Bushby
  • Julia Korell
  • Jovis Joy

Visiting researchers

  • Dr Toshihiro Wajima
  • Dr Paul Zufferey

Summer Students

  • Michelle Park
  • Suchaya (Yim) Sanhajariya
  • Finna Shen
  • Bill Lu
  • Sharyn Young

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