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Pharmacy staff profile

Dr Dorothy Saville

PositionSenior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Science
QualificationsBPharm(Hons) MSc PhD
Research summarySolid state pharmaceutics; formulation and drug delivery; pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism

Physical pharmacy; pharmacokinetics


I have good knowledge of the grapefruit–medicines interaction and also an interest in clinical pharmacokinetics, particularly of drugs acting in CNS.


In order to improve oral bioavailability of drugs with poor aqueous solubility, an amorphous form or a metastable polymorph may be used. These forms, however, have a risk of either crystallising (amorphous) or changing to a more stable polymorph with loss of oral bioavailability. Research focuses on factors influencing the stability of the amorphous form or the metastable polymorphic form. Current projects in this area include:

  • The stability of amorphous drug upon milling
  • The formulation of amorphous suspensions

In addition, the effect of storage conditions on release from enteric coated tablets is under study.

Additional details

  • Review of papers for publication International Journal of Pharmaceutics (1998–present)


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