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Pharmacy staff profile

Mr David Woods

PositionProfessional Practice Fellow (part-time)
QualificationsBSc(Hons) MPharm FRPharms FPS
Research summaryClinically informative decision support; Age appropriate medicines
TeachingPHCY 541 and 542 (Medicines Management), Evidence-based medicine and clinical pharmacy
  • Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ)
  • Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA)
  • Member of Medicines Safety Expert Advisory Group (New Zealand)
ClinicalConsultant Clinical Pharmacist at multidisciplinary pain clinic Clinical Adviser (pharmaceuticals), Best Practice Advocacy Centre (


My main research focus involves investigating ways to make clinical decision support more relevant and clinically informative, particularly the creation of adverse drug reaction propensity groups (rational data sets for ADR alerting). I have initially focused on drug allergy alerting systems but I am also looking at wider applications by integrating population data, comorbidities and drug groupings into clinical decision making.

After many years of involvement at a practice and advisory level, I still participate in research into age-appropriate medicines for children.

Additional details

I also work internationally as a pharmaceutical consultant, advising on medicines policy, rational drug use and evidence-based medicine.


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