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Pharmacy staff profile

Professor Thomas Rades

PositionResearch Chair in Pharmaceutical Design and Drug Delivery, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen
QualificationsPGCert (Pharmacy), Dipl.Pharm. (MPharm, Germany/Austria), MPharm/MSc, PhD
Research summaryFormulation and drug delivery and physical characterisation of the solid and liquid crystalline state of matter.


The research in both areas aims to improve drug therapy through appropriate formulation of medicines and to increase our understanding of the physico-chemical properties of drugs and medicines. It combines physical, chemical, and biological sciences and technology to optimally formulate drugs for human and veterinary uses. Specific research interests are:

  1. Colloidal delivery systems for bioactives
  2. The solid state of drugs and dosage forms

Additional details

Professor Rades’ profile on the University of Copenhagen website


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