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Recent graduates

Paetahi o inā tata nei

Recent postgraduate students' research


  • Nagham Ailabouni, De-prescribing in Older New Zealanders
  • Anna Cooper, Fluorescent Ligands for CB2 Receptors (Awarded Health Sciences Exceptional Thesis status)
  • Patti Napier, The introduction of an advanced role for pharmacy technicians into the NZ pharmacy setting
  • Vanda Symon, The communication of science through crime ficton


  • Ayodeji (Deji) Agbowuro, Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of Chlamydia trachomatis high temperature requirement A protease inhibitors as a new treatment for chlamydiosis
  • Siddharth Sai Matikonda, Development and application of strategies in prodrug chemistry (Awarded Health Sciences Exceptional Thesis status)
  • Sujita Narayan, Pharmacoepidemiological approaches examining preventive medicines and multimorbidity in older people
  • Bettina Zadehvakili, Design, synthesis and structure-activity relationships of some novel thiol peroxidase mimics


  • Bhuvan K C, Medicines, society and the health system: A case study of access to and use of medicines in the Annapurna region of Western Nepal
  • Kan Kaneko, Evaluation of oral particulate formulations containing α-galactosylceramide for the treatment of allergy
  • Katrin Kramer, Bio-conjugate approaches for improved targeted toll-like receptor based immune adjuvant vaccines
  • Himang Mujoo, Ultrasound sensitive liposomes
  • Henry Ndukwe, Psychotropic medicine utilisation in older people: A pharmacoepidemiological approach
  • Shan Pan, Application of pharmacometric methods to quantify the effects of methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Mohammed Salahudeen, Examination and estimation of anticholinergic burden
  • Emma Salis, Factors affecting glucose homeostasis in premature neonates


  • Hesham Al-Sallami, Optimising patient care by individualising drug dosage
  • Piyanan (Jill) Assawasuwannakit, Understanding and quantifying adherence and its link to the therapeutic success
  • Sharan Bobbala, Novel injectable thermoresponsive hydrogels for sustained release vaccines
  • Jasper Chiu, Designing oligoarginine-associated PECA nanoparticles for enhanced cellular uptake
  • Paulina Guzman, Studying the physical stability of BSA at the bulk solution and oil/water interface
  • Pei Ting (May) Mah, Novel aspects for the analysis and optimisation of amorphous formulations
  • Silke Neumann, Long peptide vaccines for the treatment of melanoma
  • Vittal Shivva, Pharmcometric methods in clinical pharmacology: an application to ketones
  • Farrukh Zeeshan, Protein structure in solid lipid matrices intended for potential dosage forms

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