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Recent graduates

Recent postgraduate students' research


  • Ayodeji (Deji) Agbowuro, Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of Chlamydia trachomatis high temperature requirement A protease inhibitors as a new treatment for chlamydiosis
  • Siddharth Sai Matikonda, Development and application of strategies in prodrug chemistry (Awarded Health Sciences Exceptional Thesis status)
  • Sujita Narayan, Pharmacoepidemiological approaches examining preventive medicines and multimorbidity in older people
  • Bettina Zadehvakili, Design, synthesis and structure-activity relationships of some novel thiol peroxidase mimics


  • Bhuvan K C, Medicines, society and the health system: A case study of access to and use of medicines in the Annapurna region of Western Nepal
  • Kan Kaneko, Evaluation of oral particulate formulations containing α-galactosylceramide for the treatment of allergy
  • Katrin Kramer, Bio-conjugate approaches for improved targeted toll-like receptor based immune adjuvant vaccines
  • Himang Mujoo, Ultrasound sensitive liposomes
  • Henry Ndukwe, Psychotropic medicine utilisation in older people: A pharmacoepidemiological approach
  • Shan Pan, Application of pharmacometric methods to quantify the effects of methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Mohammed Salahudeen, Examination and estimation of anticholinergic burden
  • Emma Salis, Factors affecting glucose homeostasis in premature neonates


  • Hesham Al-Sallami, Optimising patient care by individualising drug dosage
  • Piyanan (Jill) Assawasuwannakit, Understanding and quantifying adherence and its link to the therapeutic success
  • Sharan Bobbala, Novel injectable thermoresponsive hydrogels for sustained release vaccines
  • Jasper Chiu, Designing oligoarginine-associated PECA nanoparticles for enhanced cellular uptake
  • Paulina Guzman, Studying the physical stability of BSA at the bulk solution and oil/water interface
  • Pei Ting (May) Mah, Novel aspects for the analysis and optimisation of amorphous formulations
  • Silke Neumann, Long peptide vaccines for the treatment of melanoma
  • Vittal Shivva, Pharmcometric methods in clinical pharmacology: an application to ketones
  • Farrukh Zeeshan, Protein structure in solid lipid matrices intended for potential dosage forms


  • Mudassir Anwar, A prospective exploration of people's experiences of and responses to symptoms in NZ and Pakistan
  • Franziska Huschmann, Investigating resistance in infectious diseases
  • Chakradhar Lagishetty, Covariates in pharmacometrics
  • Zongquan Ou, Pre-formulation of antioxidant phytochemicals from Sonchus oleraceus L. (puha)
  • Katie Owens, Clinical pharmacology and toxicology of paracetamol in patient populations
  • Madhu Shankar, Validating essential enzymes as targets for new broad spectrum antifungal compounds
  • Sachin Surwase, Characterisation and optimisation of amorphous suspensions


  • Abhishek Gulati, Application of pharmacometric methods to systems pharmacology
  • Miriam Haaser, Evaluating critical quality attributes of modified release systems using advanced imaging techniques
  • Sara Hanning, An investigation of oily formulations for the management of Xerostomia
  • Ernieda MD Hatah, Investigating medication review services provided by community pharmacists
  • Madlen Hubert, Physicochemical and biological characterisation of novel immunomodulators
  • Thunjiradasiree Kojarunchitt, Sustained release thermoresponsive hydrogels for vaccine delivery
  • Korbinian Loebmann, Co-amorphous drug formulations
  • Petra Priemel, Solid state conversions on surface
  • Rajan Ragupathy, New Zealanders' access to licensed and subsidised medicines compared with nationwide single payer system in each of Australia, the UK and the USA
  • Teerawan Rattanapak, Transcutaneous immunization using lipid colloidal systems and microneedles
  • Alfred Yiu Chau Tong, Pharmaceuticals in sewage: sources, concentractions and degradation
  • Dan Wright, Model-based drug dosing

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Recommendations from previous postgraduate students

Julia Korell

PhD Student 2009–2012, ”Modelling red blood cell data”

Julia Korell, Pharmacy GraduateI had the opportunity to undertake PhD studies in the area of pharmacometrics, which is only available at a small number of academic institutions worldwide. In addition, I gained valuable personal benefit through the multi-national and multi-cultural research environment at Otago.

Pharmacometrics is a quickly growing area with considerable impact on drug development and treatment optimisation. With a PhD in this area, I am able to choose between a career path in pharmaceutical industry, regulatory affairs, or academic research, with job opportunities all around the world.

My PhD involved collaborations with a number of medical research groups, and I had the opportunity to present our work at several international conferences, which allowed me to establish valuable contacts for my future career. I also gained insight into pharmacometric consultancy services for drug industry during a two months internship in Australia.

Currently, I am based in Sweden, working as a postdoctoral fellow in one of the major pharmacometric research groups in Europe, extending my expertise in this field even further. We have strong collaborations with pharmaceutical industry, for which we develop mathematical models and analysis tools to support decision making in clinical drug development.

Bianca Glaessl

PhD Student 2006–2009, "Importance of drug-polymer interactions"

Bianca Glaessl, Pharmacy GraduateThe chance of undertaking a PhD lay the basis for my career, including the freedom to choose from all possible jobs in pharmaceutical industries. However, I rate the personal benefit the highest.

Having the opportunity of collaboration between the French University of Lille and the University of Otago, gave me the chance to experience two foreign countries—the people and their cultures.

After my PhD I have worked in regulatory compliance, broadening my knowledge on what is necessary to bring and keep a drug successfully onto the market.

Currently I work in the clinical trial supply department of a medium-sized pharmaceutical company, where we plan and coordinate the efficient and timely supply of clinical trial material for worldwide studies.

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