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Maryann Cant

Maryann Cant, Pharmacy profileWhat made you decide to do Pharmacy?

At the end of high school I knew I wanted to go into something health related as I enjoyed science based subjects and wanted to be able to make a difference in the community. I have always been interested in how things work and thought I would enjoy learning about the role of medicines in health and how they work in the body. I thought that Pharmacy could lead to a good number of opportunities for future employment.

What did you know about Pharmacy before you started your BPharm?

I did not know a lot. I learnt more about it in my first year of University through talking to people at my hall.

Where do you hope a career in Pharmacy will take you?

I hope that I will have an enjoyable and rewarding career, where I’m able to improve patient care.

Why did you choose Otago?

I liked that Otago had a good student culture, and had a good support network for students in place. I also wanted it to snow.

What is/are the best thing(s) about being a Pharmacy student at Otago?

I like that we get to have a class that is pretty consistent for the three years of our degree allowing us to make good friendships and it makes classes more enjoyable.

Do you have any plans for you internship?

I’m doing my Internship next year in Invercargill at Sylvan Bank Pharmacy and Don Street Pharmacy. I’m excited to be able to apply what I have learnt and continue learning throughout my intern year. I plan to continue to play football while I am in Invercargill while doing my internship.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I grew up in Christchurch and then moved to Nelson for my high school years. I have played football since I was five and have played in representative teams since I was 10 years old originally for Canterbury and then for Nelson.

I came to Otago in 2013 and completed Health Science First Year. Throughout my four years at University I have played football for OUAFC (Otago University Association Football Club) and have played in the National Women’s League for Football South which this year recently changed to be under Southern United.

This year I received an Otago University Blues award for playing for Football South and was also Runner-up Sportswoman of the Year due to my commitment to playing at a high level of football.