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Farah Hamid


Farah Hamid_232pxWhat made you decide to do Pharmacy?

The perfect combination of math, chemistry, and business, and to help the community too!

What did you know about Pharmacy before you started your BPharm?

Pharmacists stand behind the counter and help doctors. Malaysia doesn't separate dispensing and prescription just yet, so I hadn’t seen much of the pharmacist's role in Malaysia.

Where do you hope a career in Pharmacy will take you?

I want to work in the community pharmacy setting, and hopefully, cater to the medicine needs of people in different areas.

Why did you choose Otago?

I received a Jabatan Perkhidmatau Awam public service department scholarship from the Malaysian Government who placed me in Otago.

What is/are the best thing(s) about being a Pharmacy student at Otago?

As the years pass by I realise Otago requires students to be as independent and as professional as possible. P4 is a tough year yet it teaches me to be more independent and a passionate student.

It's located in Dunedin city. It's beautiful, cold, but surrounded by a warm-hearted community.

Do you have any plans for you internship?

Since I am bonded with Malaysia's government for seven working years, I will be doing my internship in a public hospital in Malaysia. It will be a challenging year as we are not exposed much about hospital setting here in Otago, but I am honestly excited to learn and work in a hospital.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I am an international Malaysian student. I have been away from home since I was 13 years old (attended boarding school). I never felt home-sick in Otago. Awesome place xxx