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2000 Seminar Schedule

March 3

David Ward

Kant's theory of how intuitions are generated

March 10

Nick Reid

On feeling, thinking, image and form

March 17

Nick Griffin

What is anti-realism?

March 24

Heather Dyke

Parts of me

March 31






April 14

Alan Musgrave

Rationality and reliability

April 21

Charles Pigden

Evolutionary nihilism

April 28

Peter Ogle

Truth and the aim of inquiry

May 5

Cynthia McDonald

Shoemaker on self-knowledge and inner sense

May 12

Colin Cheyne

The one-and-only true method of counterexamples

May 19

Duncan Roper

Euler, the Konigsberg Bridges, and Philosophy of Mathematics

May 26

Igal Kvart

Probabilistic Causation

June 2

Jay Garfield

The Structure of Moral Knowledge




July 14

James Maclaurin

The resurrection of innateness

July 21



July 28 (am)

Louise Antony

Naturalising radical translation

July 28 (pm)

Joseph Levine

Philosophy as massage - seeking cognitive relief from cognitive tension

Aug 4

Fred Fastier

Fundamentalism in science

Aug 11

Andrew Moore (& Tim Mulgan)

Rawls made just for children

Aug 18

Grant Gillett

Is there language in the brain?

Aug 25

Al Mele

Motivational strength and control




Sept 8

Tim Crane

The intentional structure of consciousness

Sept 15

Tom Cunningham

A theory of fallacies

Sept 22

Andrew Moore

Objectivism made good

Sept 29

William Demopoulos

On the philosophical interest of Frege’s theorem

Oct 6

Pavel Materna

Empirical concepts

Oct 13

Peter Leech

Elegance - Paintings, Proofs, Persons, Postmodernity


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