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2000 Seminar Schedule

March 1

Brad Hooker

Intuitions and moral theorising

March 8

Heather Dyke

Time, tense and meaning - a tenseless account

March 15

Neil Pickering

Family resemblance theory and mental illness

March 22

Andrew Moore

Well-being: meta-ethics and method

March 29

Charles Pigden

Russell: unphilosophical moralist?

April 5

David Ward

Strange emotions

April 12

Peter Leech

Visual culture and aesthetic apostasy

April 19

Hather Dyke

McTagart and the truth about time




May 3

Carol Rovane

From a rational point of view


Akeel Bilgrami

How to reduce two mysteries to one

May 10

Carl Bruse

The benefits of being human

May 17

Thomas Olshewsky

Demea's Dilemmas

May 24

Annette Baier

Trust, vigilance and the virtues

May 24

Carl Elliot

The case of self-demand amputation




July 12

Gary Bartlet

Knowledge as true belief?

July 19



July 20

Christine Korsgaard

Human action & normative standards

July 26

Ray Bradley

How to lose your grip on reality

July 27

Ray Bradley

A moral argument for athiesm

Aug 2

Fred Fastier

The basis of sanctions

Aug 9

Jeremy Waldron

Knowledge as true belief?

Aug 16

Andrew Moore

Posthumous reproduction

Aug 23

Steven Gardiner

Basic and non-basic virtues




Sept 6

Colin Cheyne

Can True Contradictions Save Verificationism?

Sept 13

Johannes Heidema

Knowledge and belief guiding the dynamics of information

Sept 20

Grant Gillett

The nature of perception

Sept 27

Graham Macdonald

Teleosemantics appraised

Oct 4

Alan Chalmers

Experiment and the growth of experimental knowledge

Oct 11

Charles Pigden

Logic and the autonomy of ethics revisited: A reply to Gerhard Schurz


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