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2001 Seminar Schedule

March 7

Martin Davies

Mental Simulation, Tacit Theory and the Threat of Collapse

March 14

Stephen Stich (Rutgers)

Normativity & epistemic intuitions

March 21

Stephen Stich (Rutgers)

The Baby in the Lab-Coat - why child development is not an adequate model for understanding the development of science

March 28

Stephen Stich (Rutgers)

Ending the rationality wars - how to make normative disputes about cognitive illusions disappear

April 4

Chris Horvath (Illinois State)

Measuring Gender: A Critique of the Cross-Gendered Model of Human Sexual Attraction

April 11

Andrew Craig

God & metaphysics: an exercise in futility

April 18

James Griffin (Oxford)

First steps in a theory of human rights


May 2

Charles Pigden (Otago)

Truth in literature

May 9

John Heil (Davidson College)

Levels of Reality


Fred Fastier

What is medical science?

May 23

Grant Gillett(Prof, Medical Ethics)

Naturalising Nietzsche

May 30

Peter Leech (Art History and Theory)

Paintings, proofs and persons: on elegance

June 1 - 9 Mid-Year Break

June 8

Ruth Millikan

Putting Exaptations in Their Proper Place

July 18

Dissertation Conference

July 25

Simon Blackburn


August 1

Thomas Pogge

Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism

August 8

Jeremy Waldron

Hobbes and the Principle of Publicity

August 15

Gabriel Segal


August 22

Tim Bayne

Is Consciousness Unified?

Aug 25 - Sept 1 Mid-Year Break

September 5

Conrad Asmus

Sense and Accessibility

September 12

John Worrall

Miracles & Models - the end for Structural Realism?

September 19

Susan Hurley

Neural Plasticity and Consciousness

September 26

John Worrall

The sad story of the 'anthropic principle'

October 3

Seminar Cancelled

October 10

John Broome

Normative Practical Reasoning


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