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2003 Seminar Schedule

Feb 19

Jeanne Peijnenbury

Thought experiences in philosophy and science - Cancelled

Feb 27

David Sobel (Bowling Green University)

Practical Reason and Mistakes of Practical Rationality

Feb 27

Janice Dowell (Bowling Green University)

A Naturalist Theory of Content

March 5

Paul Snowden

Arguments for Animalism

March 12

Paul Snowden

Knowing How and Knowing That

March 19

Grant Gillett

Reasons, Causes and Mental Explanations

March 26

Alan Musgrave

Pleonastic Platonism

April 2

Michael Smith (ANU)

On Being an Agent's Own Desires and Beliefs

April 9

David Ward

The Ruin of the Discipline

April 16

James Maclaurin

The Good, the Bad and the Impossible

April 23


Mid Semester Break

April 30

Greg Dawes

Why Do People Believe in Miracles?

May 7

Andrew Moore

Hedonism Revisted

May 14

Carl Brusse (ANU)

Survival and Identity: what has what matters got to do with it?

May 21

Joseph Levine (Ohio State University)

Phenomenal Concepts and the Materialist Constraints

May 28

Louise Antony (Ohio State University)

Who's Afraid of Disjunctive Properties?

June 4

Donald Evans

Should We Kill Embryos?

June 9 - July 11


Mid-Year Break

July 16

Charles Pigden

Apostles of Reason? Nola, Science and the Genealogists

July 23


Dissertation Conference

July 30

Stuart Brock (Victoria University of Wellington)

Fictions, Feelings and the Emotions

Aug 6

Brian McLaughlin (Rutgers University)

Semantic Indeterminacy and Logical Commitment: A Rely to Williamson

Aug 13

Ed Mares (Victoria University of Wellington)


Aug 20

Marco Colombetti (Politecnico di Milano and Universita della Svizzera Italiana)

Communication As Institutional Action

Aug 27

Neil Pickering


Sept 1-5


Mid-Semester Break

Sept 10

Robert Nola (University of Auckland)

An Ontology of Kinds - With Added Flavours

Sept 17

Andrew Moore

Research, Ethics Committees, and Legal Issues

Sept 24

Laurie Paul (University of Arizona)

Change is Multiple Realization

Oct 1

Colin Cheyne

Exploiting Placebo Effects for Therapeutic Benefit

Oct 8

Alex Buehler

Basic Problems of Hermeneutics (Methodology of Text Interpretation)

Oct 15

Alex Buehler

The Multifariousness of Interpretation


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