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2004 Seminar Schedule

Mar 10

Charles Pigden

Moral Conclusions

Mar 17

Henrik Hallsten

What to ask of an Explanation-Theory

March 24

Chris Shields

Simple Substances

March 24

Gilead Bar-Elli at 2pm

Meaning and Use in Wittgenstein's Tractatus

Mar 31

Norman Dahl

Kantian Ethics and the Moral Value of Personal Attachments

April 7

Kent Hurtig

Normative Requirements, Ought Implies Can-not, and Monotonicity

April 14


Mid-Semester Break

April 21

John Bigelow

Frege, Philosophy and 2-D Semantics

April 28

Lad Sessions

Sportsmanship as Honour

May 5

Greg Adamson

A Metaphysical Foundation to Politics?

May 12

Jay Garfield

Let's Pretend! The Role of Pretence in the Acquisition of Theory of Mind

May 19

Grant Gillet and Robin Hankey

Medea, the Child-Murdering Mother

May 26

Colin Cheyne

Necessary Existence and a priori Knowledge

June 2

Jeff Downard

Aesthetic Reflective Judgment as a Model for an Alternate Form of Moral Judgment

June 9


Examination Period

July 14

John Cooper

The Emotional Life of the Wise

July 21

Room GO2, 99 Albany Street

Student Research Conference

July 28

Charles Pigden

If Not Non-Cognitivism, Then What?

Aug 4

Andrew Moore

Contradictions in Ethical Theory

Aug 11

James Maclaurin

Evolution's Turing Test

Aug 18

Lisa Shapiro

Reconstructing Princess Elisabeth's Moral Philosophy

Aug 25

Greg Currie

Narrative, Narrativity and Representation

Sept 1


Mid-Semester Break

Sept 8

Martin Wilkinson

Individual and Family Decisions About Organ Donation

Sept 15

Ken Perszyk

The Anti-Molinist Argument: A Genealogy

Sept 22

Richard Berkeley

The Anxiety of Pantheism: Hidden Dimensions of Coleridge's Theory of Imagination

Sept 29

Jonas Olson

G.E. Moore on Goodness and Reasons

Oct 6

Philip Nel

Global Income Inequality and the Scope of Distributive Justice

Oct 13

Tim Mulgan

Resurrecting Kantian Immortality


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