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Mar 2

Heather Dyke

Time and the Representational Fallacy

Mar 9

Geoffrey Hellman

Structuralism and the Open-endedness of Mathematics I

March 16

Geoffrey Hellman

Structuralism and the Open-endedness of Mathematics II

March 23

Stephen Mumford

Negative truth and falsehoods

Mar 30

Elijah Millgram

Refuting Skepticism with Style

April 6

Greg Restall

Minimalists should be Epistemicists, and Revisionists too

April 13

Charles Pigden

Complots of Mischief

April 20

Sanjay Thakur

The Ethics of Sex Selection

April 27


Mid-Semester Break

May 4

Glenn Peoples

Liberalism and Natural Law

May 11

David Ward

The Highest Good and the Happy Ending

May 18

Colin Cheyne & Charles Pigden

Negative Truths from Positive Facts

May 25

Grant Gillet

The Layers of the Psyche

June 1


No Departmental Seminar This Week

June 8


Examination Period

July 13

Theodore Sider

Ontological Realsim

July 20   No Departmental Seminar This Week
July 22


Student Research Conference

July 27

John Heil

Flash! Philosophers Establish that Tables Exist!

Aug 3

Martyn Evans

Medicine as a Cultural Good - a conjecture

Aug 10

Charles Pigden

A Niggle at Nagel

Aug 17

Thomas Forster

Are there some things that some languages cannot say?

Aug 24

Grant Tavinor

The Standard of Taste Revisited

Aug 29


Mid-Semester Break

Sept 7

Emilio Mazza

Scepticism and Human Nature in Hume

Sept 14

Bill Fish

McDowell on Content and Concepts

Sept 21

Emily Gill

A Response-Dependant Theory of Explanation

Sept 28

John Broome

Is Rationality Normative?

Oct 5

Andrew Moore

Does buck-passing get anything done?

Oct 12

Nick Agar

Genetic Engineering and the Non-Identity Problem


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