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March 1

Tim Dare

Why the institutional definition of art is not plausible
March 8

Josh Parsons

Against advanced modalising

March 15

John Christman

Is Liberal Equality Opposed to Cultural Recognition?

March 22

Charles Pigden

Russell's influence on Moore and Moore's influence on Russell

March 29

James Maclaurin

The Philosophy of Conservation Biology

April 5

Hud Hudson

Confining Composition

April 12

Greg Currie

Art 1 million BC

April 19

Mid-Semester Break

April 26

David Boonin

Punishment and Consent

May 3

Andrew Moore

Ethical Theory, Completeness and Consistency

May 10

Jindra Tichy

The Catholic Church and Women

May 17

Claire Gallop

Making Tits of Ourselves: Freedom and Breast Augmentation

May 24

Mary Butler

Head Injury, Care, and Ethics

May 31

Heather Dyke

The Truth about Possibilities

June 7

Examination Period

July 12

Alan Musgrave

Perceptual experience and perceptual belief

July 19

Philosophy Student Research Conference

July 26 Richard Boyd Scientific Objectivity and the Failure if Foundationalism
August 2

Grant Gillett

Phronesis and Conkers

August 9

Colin Cheyne

A paradox of responsible believing

August 16

Harvey Brown

The "Many Worlds" Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

August 23

Charles Pigden

Why was Russell an Emotivist?

August 30

Mid-Semester Break

Sept. 6

John Divers

On the Function of Modal Judgement

Sept. 12

John Divers

Open Lecture: Immortality: Some Perspectives from Philosophy and Literature

Sept. 13

John Divers

On the Alleged Tedium of Immortality

Sept. 20

Andy Egan

Why Ethics is All about Me

Sept. 27

Uriah Kriegel

Temporal Phenomenology and the Reflexivity of Consciousness

October 4

Donald Ainslie

Hume's Sceptical Conclusion

October 11

Josh Glasgow

How Kantianism is not Self-Refuting


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