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The Otago Logic Group meets monthly during semester time. See logic website for details.


Philosophy Seminars are Wednesdays, Burns 5, 11am - 12:30.

Please note that, like all things in life, this schedule is subject to change.

2013 Seminar

February 27

Garrett Cullity


Normative Derivations

March 6

Raamy Majeed


Ramseyan Humility about Qualia

March 13 David Ripley


Logical Approaches to Confusion and Collapse

March 20

Graduate Student Conference



March 27

Taneli Kukkonen

Otago (Religion)

Eternity: Arabic Perspectives



Mid-Semester Break




April 10 Alan Chalmers
The Philosophical Significance of Perrin's Experiments on Brownian Motion
April 17

Alistair Knott

Otago (Comp. Sci.)

Embodied theories of sentence meaning: a case study

April 24 Greg Dawes Otago The Idea of Pseudoscience
May 1

Zach Weber


Inconsistent Boundaries
May 8

Paul Broadbent


Can we be projectivists?: McDowell's disentangling and contaminated response arguments

May 15 Charles Pidgen Otago Two Arguments for Emotivism: Ayer, Russell and Moore
May 22
Andrew Moore & Andrew Donnelley
What is the job of an ethics committee?
May 29 Bradley Monton
Colorado (Boulder)
An Atheistic Defense of Christian Science


Semester Break


July 10

Grant Gillett

Otago (Bioethics)
Why is queerness OK these days?
July 17 Alex Miller
Blind Rule-Following
July 31 Graduate Student Conference
August 7 Juan Manuel Gomez
Turnbull’s Anatomy of the Mind and Rational Religion
August 14 Justin Sytsma Victoria
Reference in the Land of the Rising Sun
August 21 Gillian Crozier Laurentian At the intersections of emotional and biological labour: Understanding transnational commercial surrogacy as social reproduction


Mid-Semester Break


August 27: Dan and Gwen Taylor Lecture: Brian Leiter (Chicago), 5:30pm


September 4

Mike King


From avians to zombies: Problems of animal breeding to improve welfare

September 11

Seth Lazar


Ethics and Expectations

September 18

John Matthewson


Adaptationism and the evolutionary medicine revolution

September 25

Michael-John Turp


An Evaluative Norm for Belief

October 2

Antony Eagle



October 9 Christine Swanton



Examinations and Summer Break


Please note, this timetable is subject to change.


Information about The Dan & Gwen Taylor Lectures, including recordings, can be found here.

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