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Philosophy Seminars are Wednesdays, Burns 5, 11am - 12:30.

Please note that, like all things in life, this schedule is subject to change.

February 26

David Chalmers

ANU "Why isn't there more progress in philosophy?"
March 5 Ricki Bliss Kyoto Metaphysical Foundationalism and the Principle of Sufficient Reason

Tuesday March 11, 5:30 pm:

Taylor Lecture -- Philip Pettit


Princeton Doing Good and Doing Evil
March 12 Victoria McGeer Princeton Living with Blame
March 19 Student Research Conference [Alpha]    
March 26 Jussi Haukioja NTNU From Reference to Essence
April 2 Paisley Livingston Lingnan Bolzano on Beauty
April 9 Hartley Slater UWA Propositional Identities and Implications
April 16 Raamy Majeed Otago Conceptual Instability and the New Epistemic Possibility



Mid-semester Break (April 21 - 25)


April 30 Alan Weir Glasgow Properties and Relations are Fusions
May 7 Greg Dawes Otago Perception and Reasons
May 14 Charles Pigden Otago Queerness, Relativity, and Impotence: J.L. Mackie and the Error Theory
May 21 Colin Cheyne Otago The 'How' and 'What' of Belief
May 28 James Maclaurin Otago  


Semester Break


July 9 Alan Musgrave Otago Against Paraconsistentism
July 16 Andrew Moore Otago Well-being, objectivity and naturalism
July 23 Zach Weber Otago Why are there paradoxes?
July 30 Student Research Conference [Beta]    
August 6 Nick Munn Waikato Maximally Inclusive Democracy
August 13 Piotr Boltuc Illinois Can pure subject be defended?
August 20 Michael LeBuffe Otago A Spinozistic Theory of Prescriptive Ethics


Mid-Semester Break (Aug 25 - 29)



September 3 Alex Miller Otago Rule Following, Error Theory and Eliminativism
September 10 --- No seminar ---    
September 17 Sean McConnell Otago [Classics] Plato's Critique of Antisthenes on Pleasure and the Good Life (Philebus 44a-53c)
September 24 Michael Devitt CUNY Justifying Scientific Realism: Should We Forget About the Success Argument?
October 1 Daniel Halliday Melbourne Egalitarian Justice and Inherited Wealth
October 8 Lisa Ellis Otago


Examinations and Summer Break


Please note, this timetable is subject to change.

The Otago Logic Group meets monthly during semester time. See logic website for details.

Information about The Dan & Gwen Taylor Lectures, including recordings, can be found here.

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