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PhD placement

Students who completed philosophy PhDs since 2006 (in some cases jointly supervised with another discipline):

2017 Unsal Cimen searching
2017 Manuel Lechthaler searching (website)
2017 Jon Keyzer compliance officer, Commerce Commission
2017 Tiddy Smith searching (website)
2017 Ali Hosseinkhani Researcher at IPM (Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences), Iran (temporary position).
2016 Guille Badia postdoc, Johannes Kepler University
2015 Hannah Clark-Younger studying for a degree in computer science
2015 Daniel Wee lecturer, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
2015 Kirsten Walsh lecturer, University of Nottingham (previously postdoc, Institute for Research in the Humanities, Bucharest)
2014 Paul Broadbent software developer
2014 Hannah Burgess journals publishing assistant, Wiley
2014 Juan Gomez lecturer, Universidad Sergio Arboleda; English teacher, Richmond School (Bogota)
2013 Sarah Grant project editor, Epigeum
2012 Jonathan Jong research fellow and deputy director, Brain, Belief, and Behaviour Research, Coventry University
2008 Mary Butler senior lecturer (occupational therapy), University of Otago
2007 Greg Dawes professor (phil and religion), University of Otago
2007 Glenn Peoples data analyst, Inland Revenue Department
2006 Lynley Anderson associate professor (bioethics), University of Otago
2006 Peter Ogle unknown
2006 Sanjay Thakur ranger, Department of Conservation
2006 Scott Williamson lawyer

MA placement

Students who completed philosophy MAs since 2006:

2017 Britta Clark PhD student in Philosophy at Harvard
2017 Sam Pensler PhD student in Philosophy at UCLA
2017 Mike McLeod Professional musician and licensee of The Captain Cook/td>
2016 Duncan Wilson
2016 Trees Beckett Policy Analyst, Ministry of Social Development
2016 Caitlin Fitchett PhD student, Harvard University
2016 Mark Specht Energy Analyst, Oakland California
2014 Charles Gibson PhD student, Otago
2013 James Darcy PhD student, University of Virginia
2013 Lucy Weston-Taylor Database and Research Administrator, Nikau Foundation
2011 Bessie Olsen unknown
2010 Andrew Donnelly policy analyst, Ministry of Education (post PhD University of Sydney 2014)
2010 Macintosh Stewart assistant professor, Fiji National University (post PhD University of Sydney 2014)
2010 Cristy Yonetani trainee teacher, New Zealand Graduate School of Education
2009 Matthew George independent film-maker
2008 Kelvin McQueen postdoc in physics and astronomy at Tel Aviv University (post PhD Australian National University 2013)
2007 Duncan Eddy local activist
2007 Marco Fahmi library e-services manager, Queensland University of Technology
2007 Emily Jennings EFL teacher, Korea
2007 Holly Lawford-Smith lecturer at University of Sheffield (post PhD Australian National University)
2007 Raamy Majeed postdoc at Cambridge (post PhD University of Sidney 2012)
2006 Charles Boulton senior policy officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
2006 Euan Cochrane digital preservation manager, Yale University
2006 Taryn Knox PhD student in bioethics, Otago
2006 Ian Lawson PhD University of Sydney 2015; currently applying for academic posts
2006 Dan Sears MA student in TESL at University of Washington
2006 Steven Sue senior policy advisor, Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment