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STUDENT: Briony Blackmore
SUPERVISORS: Maclaurin, Dyke
TOPIC: Assigning responsibility in artificial intelligence
STUDENT: Joseph Burke
SUPERVISORS: Moore, Miller
TOPIC: The metaphysics of well-being according to the science of well-being
STUDENT: Anthony Gambrell
SUPERVISORS: Ellis, Pigden
TOPIC: The failure of consent
STUDENT: Wenna Yeo
SUPERVISORS: Ellis, King (Bioethics)
TOPIC: Valuing Animals: A Usable Guide to Harm and Protection

MA STUDENTS (thesis)

STUDENT: João Carvalho
TOPIC: Teleology in Spinoza
STUDENT: Ray Nukada
SUPERVISORS: Weber, Miller
TOPIC: The Self
STUDENT: Andrew Rutherford
SUPERVISORS: Pigden, LeBuffe
TOPIC: Behavioural justifications in repetitious situations


MA STUDENTS (by coursework)

Toby Black
Lily McDougall