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Physics Colloquium - Professor Craig Rodger

Monday, 28 May 2018

Physics Department

Professor Craig Rodger

Head of Department

Department of Physics

University of Otago

"Solar Storms and Impacts on Electrical Networks: International Research & the New Zealand Context"

The Sun is the main provider of energy for the Earth; without it we would surely die. However, the Sun is not just a huge light bulb sending heat and light to us - it is a gigantic fiery ball of burning gas on which the largest explosions in our solar system take place. The highly dynamic Sun affects the Earth in multiple ways. We are only just starting to understand how the Sun drives "Space Weather" - changes in the environment on and around the Earth which affect our technological systems. One of the known space weather impacts is on electrical transmission networks, including triggering a large scale black out in Quebec in 1989. New Zealand is not immune, with a Dunedin transformer written off in November 2001. The Space Physics group at the University of Otago is now working with Transpower in an MBIE funded project to try to better understand the impact of extreme space weather events on our electricity network.

WHEN: Monday 28 May 2018
WHERE: Room 314, Science 3 Building
TIME: 3.00 pm–4.00 pm

All interested are welcome to attend

Light refreshments to follow in Common Room