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Physics Colloquium - Dr Christopher Gies

Monday, 10 June 2019

Physics Department

Dr Christopher Gies

Institute für Theoretische Physik

Universität Bremen

"Tailoring the interaction between light and matter in semiconductor nanostructures"

The quest for miniaturization of integrable optoelectronic devices has led to the development of smaller and smaller light-emitting nanostructures. By placing emitters into the confined electromagnetic field of a microresonator, it is possible to tailor fundamental material properties like spontaneous emission itself. At the same time, the enhancement of the interaction between light and matter fosters correlations between electrons and photons, in the presence of which many-particle correlation effects can change the system behaviour dramatically.

For nanolasers operating in this regime, the formation of coherent laser light is no longer connected purely to the existence of stimulated emission. Collective effects, such as sub- and superradiance, and the non-Markovian dynamics of correlations, make us rethink our understanding of lasing and the definition of the laser threshold. The colloquium will give insight into the underlying physics, theoretical methods, and current device development in semiconductor physics.

WHEN: Monday 10 June 2019
WHERE: Room 314, Science 3 Building
TIME: 3.00 pm–4.00 pm

All interested are welcome to attend

Light refreshments to follow in Common Room