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Physics Seminar - Dr Matthew Parry

Monday, 9 September 2019

Physics Department

Dr Matthew Parry

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

University of Otago

"LISA: A space-based gravitational wave observatory"

LISA, or Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, is a mission led by the European Space Agency to detect and measure gravitational waves. By observing gravitational waves from astrophysical systems such as compact binaries and supermassive black holes, LISA will expand the observational window opened by LIGO and conduct more stringent tests of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Recently, the NZ LISA Science Working Group joined the LISA Consortium. I will talk about the challenges and opportunities facing astrophysics, numerical relativity and statistics in the LISA era and the contributions that can be made in NZ.

WHEN: Monday 9 September 2019
WHERE: Room 314, Science 3 Building
TIME: 3.00 pm–4.00 pm

All interested are welcome to attend

Light refreshments to follow in Common Room