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Physics Colloquium - Prof Jens Niemeyer

Monday, 17 February 2020

Physics Department

Prof Jens Niemeyer

Faculty of Physics




"The light side of dark matter"

Cosmological observations on scales from galaxies to the cosmic microwave background indicate that most of the matter in the Universe is cold, dark, and non-baryonic. While searches for new massive particles have so far come up empty, QCD and string theory provide strong motivations for the existence of very light, bosonic dark matter candidates: axions and axion-like particles (ALPs). As the de Broglie wavelength of these particles may reach galactic scales, structure formation with ALP dark matter predicts very distinctive signatures. However, much of the phenomenology is highly nonlinear, requiring large simulations and novel computational tools. Some approaches for such simulations will be described and first results presented.

WHEN: Monday 17 February 2020
WHERE: Room 314, Science 3 Building
TIME: 3.00 pm–4.00 pm

All interested are welcome to attend

Light refreshments to follow in Common Room