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At the School of Physiotherapy Clinics we can help you recover from injuries, whether the problem is accident-related or has developed over time.

Our clinicians know how to deal with conditions such as concussion, sprains and strains, back and neck problems, arthritis, and post-operative rehabilitation.

We carry out individualised assessments, and strive to give you a good understanding of the problem so you can get back sooner to the activities you love.

We can help to:

  • Identify the main problem(s)
  • Enable you to work towards your goals
  • Get you back to your normal everyday functions
  • Better inform you so that you are able to manage your condition
  • Rehabilitate you through activity-based therapy.
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Physiotherapy can play a key role in helping those with arthritis to stay active and keep moving. While it is well-known that arthritis cannot usually be 'cured', the good news is that physiotherapy can usually help to relieve many of the symptoms associated with arthritis.

So if you have joint pain and restriction, come and have a physiotherapy assessment to find out what we can do to help improve your comfort and mobility.

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Back and neck problems

All physiotherapists at the School of Physiotherapy Clinics are trained and able to assess and treat back and neck problems.

You can come and see us without a doctor's referral.

We have a range of expertise in manual and manipulative techniques, clinical pilates, and the McKenzie method.

Stuart Horton is one of our most experienced clinicians, and specialises in the McKenzie Method for the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck pain. This method, developed by Robin McKenzie in New Zealand, focuses on empowering patients to treat themselves by using active patient involvement and education in treatment.

The McKenzie method, also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), is the world's most-researched method for the treatment of spinal problems.

The McKenzie Institute's website has more information about this mode of treatment.

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Concussion treatment

If you are suffering from the effects of concussion we can offer professional advice, treatment and management.

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Post-operative rehabilitation

At the School of Physiotherapy Clinics we have highly-qualified and experienced staff providing post-surgical rehabilitation. Our clinic at Unipol gym provides exceptional facilities for gym-based rehabilitation, once you are able to challenge yourself more during your recovery.

If you've had a recent fracture or surgery and are not sure if physiotherapy is right for you, please contact us to talk about it.

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Sprains and strains

Whether you've rolled your ankle dancing or you've spent too long in the garden, physiotherapy can help get you moving again.

We recommend seeing a physiotherapist early to find out more about the problem, then discussing the best plan of action for you.

Most sprains and strains will be covered by ACC, which supports your recovery from all types of accident-related injuries. You can come directly to the School of Physiotherapy Clinics with any sprains and strains, and we'll do the necessary paperwork with you.

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Contact us

To find out more or to make an appointment in Dunedin, phone: 03 479 5757 or email

If you need a car park for your next appointment in Dunedin, please phone us or ask at Clinics reception.
Parking is available via a booking system only and is located across from the School of Physiotherapy, outside the Benham building.

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Useful links

Arthritis New Zealand  has much more good information about arthritis and its treatment.