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Women's health


Our physiotherapists offer a comprehensive assessment of bladder, bowel, the musculoskeletal system, and pain issues.

Treatment includes communicating with other health professionals if needed.

There is strong evidence that pelvic floor muscle exercise can help in the treatment of bladder leakage and vaginal prolapse symptoms.

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Bladder issues

Our physiotherapists have expertise in working with problems of bladder leakage as well as bladder urgency and frequency.

We can advise on pelvic floor muscle exercises and bladder training, and give appropriate guidance.

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Bowel issues

Physiotherapy can be helpful in treating some bowel conditions such as leakage, difficulty emptying the bowel and advice about constipation.

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Vaginal pelvic organ prolapse

Physiotherapy is recommended as first-line treatment for this condition.

Treatment involves pelvic floor muscle training and giving advice, as well as communicating with other health professionals where needed.

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Pelvic pain

Our staff offer assessment and treatment for pelvic pain conditions.

Reasons for pain are often complex, and communicating with other health professionals is often required.

Physiotherapy offers education, muscle retraining, acupuncture and TENS, breathing exercises, and relaxation.

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Low back pain during pregnancy and following birth

Low back pain during pregnancy is common and can be an unwanted distraction. 

Our staff are skilled in assessing and treating low back pain related to pregnancy.

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Who will treat me?

Our team is lead by women's health specialist Gail Hyland. You can contact her at:

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Contact us

To find out more or to make an appointment in Dunedin, phone: 03 479 5757 or email

If you need a car park for your next appointment in Dunedin, please phone us or ask at Clinics reception.
Parking is available via a booking system only and is located across from the School of Physiotherapy, outside the Benham building.

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