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PhD candidates CHARR, School of Physiotherapy

PhD students

Primarily supervised CHARR, School of Physiotherapy

Lizz Carrington

Determining the utility of play based exercise programmes in green and blue spaces for children with disabilities

Read more about Lizz Carrington

Primary Supervisor: Dr Meredith Perry

Gail Donaldson

Silicon oil as a medium for post-operative rehabilitation of Duputyren’s fasciotomy.

Read more about Gail Donaldson

Primary supervisor: Dr Meredith Perry

Alicia Emerson

Invisible disease affecting invisible populations: exploring how the geopolitical, historical, and societal spectrum impacts marginalized populations’ experiences with chronic musculoskeletal pain management

Read more about Alicia Emerson


Gerard Farrell

Manual Therapy treatment directed at the cervical spine in individuals with post-concussion syndrome

Read more about Gerard Farrell


Dora Gosselin

The impact of unpredictability on gait biomechanics and mobility-based participation in children with cerebral palsy.

Read more about Dora Gosselin

Primary supervisor: Professor David Baxter

Emily Gray

Engagement in physical activity during the first three months following coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

Read more about Emily Gray

Primary supervisor: Dr Margot Skinner

Renee Hamel

Long-term impact of cardiovascular and respiratory deconditioning on physical activity intolerance in outpatient adults with moderate and severe traumatic brain injury.

Read more about Renee Hamel

Primary supervisor:  Professor Leigh Hale

Jerin Mathew

Neurofeedback Intervention to Modulate Knee Osteoarthritic Pain Experience

Primary supervisor: Dr Ram Mani

Read more about Jerin Mathew

Huijuan Tan

Treatment regimens of acupuncture for chronic low back pain: A randomized controlled feasibility trial of 2 × 2 factorial design

Read more about Huijuan Tan

Primary supervisor: Professor David Baxter

Rani Othman

Profiling sensory phenotypes in individuals with persistent musculoskeletal pain

Read more about Rani Othman

Primary supervisor: Dr Ram Mani

Mark Overton

Does pain phenotyping predict pain and functional outcomes in people with persistent musculoskeletal pain?

Read more about Mark Overton

Primary Supervisor: Dr Ram Mani

Ayesha Nisar 

Feasibility study of a psycho-social intervention program to enhance resilience and psychological well-being among care givers of stroke survivors: a randomized controlled trial.

Read more about Ayesha Nisar 

Primary supervisor: Professor Leigh Hale

Jacqueline Plater

Evaluating the delivery of evidence-based physiotherapy practice in a changing healthcare environment.

Read more about Jacqui Plater

Primary supervisor: Professor David Baxter

Amanda Still

Physical activity, sleep and fatigue in Parkinsons Disease

Read more about Amanda Still 

Primary supervisor: Dr Prasath Jayakaran

Karen Taylor

Evaluating the primary care decision-making process for shoulder injuries in New Zealand.

Read more about Karen Taylor


Hui Xiao

Factors influencing ageing well amongst older New Zealand men: A study of urban and rural areas of Otago and Southland Regions

Read more about Hui Xiao

Primary supervisor: Professor David Baxter

Tim Wang

Exploring the effects of sustained glenohumeral glides on scapular and shoulder muscle activity in patients with subacromial pain

Read more about Tim Wang

Primary supervisor: Dr Daniel Ribeiro

Sarah Walker

Supporting allied health professionals in rural areas

Read more about Sarah Walker

Primary supervisor: Dr Ewan Kennedy

Cliff Waller

The hemiparetic knee: structure and function.

Read more about Cliff Waller

Primary supervisor: Dr Gisela Sole

Secondary supervision CHARR, School of Physiotherapy

Jo Tomlinson

The influence of neuromechanics of the hip joint capsule in pathology

Read more about Jo Tomlinson

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